Manny Montes: Power is the progressive’s North Star |

Manny Montes: Power is the progressive’s North Star

Manny Montes
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The House of Representatives’ recent impeachment hearings, and their vote passing the two articles of impeachment were spectacular shows of partisan politics, pure political theater, and represented, in stark terms, the dictionary definition of dishonesty.

Hillary Clinton represented the progressive’s highest hopes and expectations to assume the mantle from Obama, and to push further the progressive’s government can do it all agenda. Lose the 2016 election? Lose to Donald Trump? You’ve got to be kidding, ha ha ha. Hillary has got this in the bag. The tiara she so obsessively wanted and felt she deserved will finally be placed on her head, hail Hillary. Then the unthinkable happened. The earth trembled, Hillary will not take the oath of office. That honor will be bestowed on who? Donald Trump? This just can’t be.

The voters made an unforgivable mistake, and it must be corrected post-haste. Before Trump’s inauguration, i.e., just two days after the election, progressive talking heads and politicians began talks of possible impeachment, conjuring up theoretical scenarios in which Donald Trump could be removed from office. Impeachment was always their goal. New York magazine reports, “the operatives in charge of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee included a question about support for impeachment in the private national poll they ran every month to inform their strategy.”

Trump’s call to the president of Ukraine never cited a quid pro quo. The article of impeachment assumes he did. The prior Ukraine government was corrupt, and Joe Biden and his son may have illegally profited from this. Progressives apparently think that because Joe is running for the Oval Office, Trump’s scrutiny into possible corruption on Joe’s part is to gather dirt on his opponent for personal gain. So, because Joe is running for office, he is off limits? Does this place him above the law? The progressive left seems to think so. Incidentally, Joe Biden, as vice president, boasted, (we’ve all seen the video), of actual quid pro quo which may have uncovered corruption on his part and that of his son. How is it that he is still in contention for the Oval Office? His quid pro quo is OK?

And obstruction of Congress? The courts are to decide if Trump’s exercise of executive privilege is warranted or not. Obama could have been impeached for the same reason when he invoked executive privilege in the Fast and Furious scandal. If President Trump had defied a court order to turn over documents, this would make for a stronger case. But that hasn’t happened. Progressives have harmfully lowered the bar for impeachment to the level of we simply don’t like this president’s policies and him personally. So we will impeach. This is not government of, for, and by the people.

The ludicrous and most dishonest aspect of this whole affair is when the progressives so solemnly cloaked themselves with the Constitution, and the homage they paid to our founders. This is the party that rejects the principles of our founding because our Founding Fathers were white men and slave holders. This is the party that wants to amend the First Amendment in order to outlaw “hate speech,” cripple the Second Amendment or abolish it altogether, eliminate the Electoral College, or implement the “National Popular Vote” initiative, eliminate equal State’s representation in the Senate, stack the Supreme Court, install “living Constitution” minded justices. Recall Nancy Pelosi’s response when she was asked if the individual mandate in Obamacare was unconstitutional? Her response? “Are you kidding, are you kidding.” Progressives invoke the Constitution when it serves their purpose, otherwise they do all they can to circumvent it at every turn. What they want to accomplish will eviscerate the Constitution. They are authoritarian.

Recall Lois Lerner’s silencing conservative voices during an election season with the illegal use of IRS powers. Samantha Powers unilaterally unmasking, on a daily basis, hundreds of names in secret intelligence reports during the 2016 election season. Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates, refusing the carry out President Trump’s immigration order. Hillary Clinton and the DNC using foreign sources to fabricate dirt on her opponent in order to influence the election in her favor. And the most egregious of all, the unlawful use of our national intelligence and law enforcement powers against a duly elected president. The Obama Administration was corrupt through and through.

Power is the progressive’s North Star. Their need to grab the handle, and move the levers of power is just as profound as the need for all of us to breathe.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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