Manny Montes: Is this the America we want? |

Manny Montes: Is this the America we want?

Pogo’s comic strip famous dictum, “We have met the enemy, and he is us,” has profound significance as it relates to our citadel, Washington, D.C.

Who would have ever thought the seat our federal government would be the enemy of what many of us see as our nation, but it is so.

Chuck Schumer boldly stated during the Georgia Senate run-off that if the Democrats win, “Then we change America.” Hyperbole? Not a chance. They now have the power to effect that change. And that change is targeted at what I consider the very principles of our founding.

President Trump banned the teaching of critical race theory in federal agencies and government contractors. He formulated a commission that prepared the 1776 Report that contrasted with the decades-old history of the United States propagandized in academia. That contrast is America is irredeemably racist, evil with systematic oppression, according to critical race theory.

The 1776 Report illuminates the virtues of our founding that created the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Regarding slavery, the report stated, “The unfortunate fact is that the institution of slavery has been more the rule than the exception throughout human history.” A sin of our founding to be sure, but it was on the principles of our founding that the abhorrent institution of slavery was abolished. It was America and Western civilization that blazed the way to the abolition of slavery.

On Inauguration Day, President Biden rescinded the 1776 Commission and its report, and reinstated critical race theory for government agencies and government contractors. The contagion that is critical race theory has successfully completed its spread in academia, and now the poison will be introduced in grades K through 12, irreparably harming the minds of our children.

This and The New York Times’ 1619 project add imperative to the host of arguments for school choice. That this direction is taken so brazenly by our president is appalling and anti-American.

Then we have HR 1, which passed in the House and now destined for the Senate. HR 1 removes the authority of the states to regulate elections and federalizes the entire process.

HR 1 would degrade the accuracy of registration lists by requiring states to automatically register all individuals on state and federal databases. This would include many ineligible voters, including aliens. Ban state-voter ID laws by forcing states to allow individuals to vote without an ID. Prevent election officials from checking the eligibility and qualifications of voters and removing ineligible voters.

Our federalist system is under attack with HR 1 and it is unconstitutional. But we all know as far as the progressives are concerned, enumerated powers and the Bill of Rights are obstacles to be overcome, not limits to be observed. Incidentally, arguments against voter ID are ludicrous and demeaning to the Black community.

One hallmark principle of our nation is equality. President Biden, on his first day in office eliminated this term in the federal lexicon and replaced it with equity. His executive order claimed America suffers from systemic racism, manifested in “entrenched disparities in our laws and public policies, and in our public and private institutions,” and charged the whole of the federal government with “affirmatively advancing equity.”

This means differential treatment for some at the expense of others. A prime example of this is how white farmers were disenfranchised, while minority farmers were embraced with payments made by the stimulus bill. Our government actively discriminating based on race was eradicated, now we’re at it again. Is this the America we want?

Our nation’s ambassador to the world, U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, is a public relations nightmare. She told the National Action Network that the “United States must reckon with its own supposed rampant white supremacy before lecturing other nations on the Human Rights Council,” which includes China, Cuba and Russia. To the world, she pronounced, “White supremacy is weaved into our founding documents and principles.” If so, one must ignore or supplant the odious documents of our founding. Revolutionary indeed.

Progressives and their echo chamber media are on the march and must be stopped. The only righteous, moral solution is to have the courage to speak the truth.

Do not fear the smears progressives so gratuitously sling. We must make our voices heard. Our civilization is at stake. My hope is that similar voices will be expressed across the nation, and we begin taking back our nation in 2022.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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