Manny Montes: For the conservatives, it’s all about liberty |

Manny Montes: For the conservatives, it’s all about liberty

The dogs of outrage were out in full force on the anniversary of Presidents Trump’s implausible victory. Howling and literally screaming at the night sky, they demonstrated their disdain of our duly elected president of the United States.

Their progressive handlers, and a press (the de facto ministry of propaganda), more like baby birds in the nest with their beaks spread wide open chirping to be fed the latest salacious smears and rumors to report as news, instigated the insane screamfest.

At an unrelated event, hundreds of LGBT demonstrators danced in the streets to blaring music on their march to Vice President Pence’s private residence. This is not a question of whether these activists have a right to their obnoxious demonstrations. It is a question of how we as a republic can remain so if the losing political party does not accept the results of duly elected representatives.

The Russian collusion investigation has been conducted now for more than six months. No evidence of such has yet to be uncovered. However, the blowback of an abundance of prima facie evidence of the Clinton campaign and DNC funding the dossier containing unsubstantiated rumors and innuendos of candidate Trump is striking. Possibly used to justify a FISA warrant, and to appoint a special prosecutor is the equivalent using a National Enquirer front page story of aliens kidnapping Chihuahua puppies, and DOJ appointing a special prosecutor to investigate possible collusion between scurrilous puppy mills and the aliens. The outrages conflict of interest surrounding the Clinton Foundation, the approval to hand over control of 20 percent of a very limited supply of U.S. uranium to our adversary Russia, and an opposition research paper, the dossier, dressed up to look like an FBI intelligence report, are stunning examples of progressive audacity. If anything can justify a screamfest, it is this. Yet, the progressive media propaganda machine pays scant attention.

Add to this progressives’ misconception of rights, such as the right to (free) college and medical care. … Only government coercion can ensure such “rights.”

Obama’s popularity, and his intent of “… fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” had the progressive left mesmerized. Government agencies, staffed with progressive comrades, felt their trajectory to be indefatigable, taking their commander-in-chief’s lead, thought, to hell with the constitutional restraints, the winds at our backs, and with Hilary on deck, we’ll have smooth sailing as far as the eye can see.

They unleashed a series of government coercive initiatives in blatant disregard to constitutional restraints. The Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking operation. Operation Choke Point, threatening banks with investigations in order to coerce them to cut off banking services to legitimate businesses such as firearms dealer. The IRS admitting to and agreeing to settlements in their intentionally targeting conservative groups during the election season. Obama’s own governance by fiat related to Obamacare (there were many), DACA (after stating 22 times this was beyond his constitutional authority), and host of other unconstitutional executive orders. In the span of 18 months, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Obama administration an amazing nine times.

Government power is the progressive’s polar star. They look for opportunity to skirt constitutional restraints at every turn. Recall Nancy Pelosi’s response to a reporter asking if the ACA individual mandate was constitutional? Her response was, “are you kidding, are you kidding?” She felt it was audacious to ask such a question. To the progressive, the constitution may as well be written in Sanskrit.

Progressives shroud themselves with the constitution when it serves their purposes, but secretly share the view of professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University, Louis Michael Seidman. In December 2012, he wrote a piece for the New York Times, stating: “As the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal chaos, observers are reaching the conclusion that the American system of government is broken. But almost no one blames the culprit: our insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions.”

Add to this progressives’ misconception of rights, such as the right to (free) college and medical care. Such rights impose an unchosen obligation, an unrewarded duty, or an involuntary servitude on another man. There can be no such right as the right to enslave. Yet this is what progressives envision. Only government coercion can ensure such “rights.”

Progressives must be honest about the kind of governance they want. It is not the kind of governance our founding fathers bequeath to us. As stated above, government power is the progressives’ polar star. I should add, for the conservative, it is liberty.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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