Manny Montes: For Dems, it’s anyone, anything but Trump |

Manny Montes: For Dems, it’s anyone, anything but Trump

Manny Montes
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A ground hog could be placed on the ballot in California, and if the designation, “Democrat”, were placed after its name, the rodent would be voted into the State legislature.

California’s voters aside, all this talk of Hillary Clinton winning the national popular vote is hog wash. Yes, Hillary received 2,864,974 votes over Donald Trump, but if you exclude California’s vote totals, Trump beats Hillary Clinton by 1,405,000 votes.

That is, without California, the nation overall chose Donald Trump to be president.

Donald Trump is our legitimately, duly elected president. But, so what according to the progressive left. We’ve heard incessant cries of the dangers Trump poses to our constitutional republic. A “constitutional crisis” is smeared across printed pages and blared across the air waves of our de-facto ministry of propaganda news media. But the real constitutional crisis threat comes from those opposed to President Trump.

But the real constitutional crisis threat comes from those opposed to President Trump.

The opposition to Trump has been so strident it is now labeled “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” It’s as if a mental disease is afflicting the anti-Trump crowd. On the streets, Trump supporters are harassed and physically assaulted. Flying the American flag is offensive to many on the left. Conservatives invited to speak on campuses require police escorts, if they are allowed to speak at all. Voice opposition to Progressive ideology and you risk losing your job, or business. The conformist, totalitarian tendencies of the progressive left is the greatest threat to freedom of speech. But there is more. The following litany of events and proposals from progressives demonstrates a total disregard of our constitutional norms and our republic as we know it. Transforming America is the progressive’s aim, and that transformation would mean America no more.

The recent and most egregious assault on our Republic has been the unethical, unconstitutional assault on the Trump campaign and his presidency. Obama once stated, “elections have consequences.” It appears this is the case only when the progressive left wins. Otherwise, all rules, ethics, and constitutional considerations are flushed down the toilet; anything goes. The assault on Trump’s presidency has been unrelenting, and brutal. Some may even characterize attempts to bring down Trump’s presidency as treasonous, from the standpoint of unconstitutionally attempting to unseat a duly elected president, i.e., legitimately voted into office. The assaults on his presidency are in fact an assault on our republic and the citizens that put him in office. The proper approach by the opposition party is to convince the electorate to vote for one of their own to replace Trump. This is the way our system is supposed to work.

But no. The system has demonstrated that progressives are not guaranteed a win. This will not do. Progressives must win, and to ensure this happens, our republic must be transformed into something diametrically opposed to our current constitutional republic; bye, bye, American pie.

Progressives want to eliminate the Electoral College, or at least circumvent it with the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” initiative. This will ensure California and New York will forever determine who will occupy the White House. The nation will become a facsimile of California; to hell with the “deplorables.”

Eliminate equal representation in the Senate, after all, why should Wyoming have as much say in the Senate as California?

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution provides that representatives in the House “shall be apportioned among the several States … according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State …” This is construed to mean even illegal aliens. Consequence? The House of Representatives has a fixed number of seats at 435. California with its sanctuary policies will gain seats in the House if illegals are counted, and an equal number of Electoral votes at the expense of states with low or no population of illegals. No wonder progressives are so opposed to immigration reform and building the wall.

Decriminalize illegal border crossings, and provide free medical care for all illegals. Abolish ICE. What is left out are neon signs spread across the boarder flashing, “come one, come all.” Progressives unabashedly embrace illegals over U.S. citizens.

Pack the Supreme Court with a majority of “Living Constitution” minded Justices. How long would it take for our Constitution to be unconstitutionally amended by Progressive minded Justices until the Constitution is reinterpreted out of existence?

Biden’s claims that Trump is an “existential threat to America” is classic “projection.” Postmodern progressivism is the real existential threat.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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