Manny Montes: College students have been indoctrinated |

Manny Montes: College students have been indoctrinated

Is there any wonder why all of our cultural institutions have become plankton for the whale that is the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement?

The answer is the unequivocal success of indoctrination academia has perpetuated over the past many decades. Anyone with an open mind will see the truth of this statement. Students have paid many thousands of dollars not to be educated, but instead to be indoctrinated.

Graduates, like cockroaches, have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our cultural institutions; no institution has been immune. As such, the institutions become prey for the whale that is BLM.

For example, The Smithsonian Institute, specifically, the National Museum of African American History & Culture asserts that certain signs of whiteness include: individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority, and delayed gratification. These attributes are the oppressive weapons of white supremacist. Note the inclusion of objectivity, the fundamental basis of truth. Academia has successfully obliterated the concept of objectivity.

You have your truth, I have mine, all is relative.

This is one example of academia’s influence in one of our institutions, the Smithsonian. But there are so many more. BLM initials stenciled on the pitcher’s mounds of opening day baseball. All the players kneeling in solidarity with BLM. Hundreds of millions of dollars donated to BLM by America’s leading corporations,

It is extraordinarily perplexing how successful BLM has become based on lies that even a cursory examination would prove as much. It began with marches under the false banner of the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. The truth, Michael Brown did not surrender, and officer Wilson was justified in the shooting as self defense.

America is a white supremacist, systemically racist society as demonstrated by a black man being voted into the presidency of our nation for two terms, and further demonstrated by innumerable hoaxes of white racism perpetrated over the years. Also, the endless shooting of unarmed black men by an endemically racist police.

My column last month dispels this myth. In fact, a 2016 study published in Criminology and Public Policy conducted the most sophisticated lab study of police shoot-don’t-shoot decisions to date, found that officers were three times less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than unarmed white suspects and took significantly longer to decide to shoot armed black suspects than armed white suspects. A startling truth is that a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer. To be sure, every police shooting of an innocent, unarmed civilian is a dreadful tragedy. But, to conflate incidents of unarmed blacks shot by police with the idea of mass endemically racist police shootings is pure, unadulterated demagoguery; i.e, a lie.

Good grief, based on the above, can’t one see the obvious truth of America’s racism? Get Woke. BLM wants the defunding or eliminating police departments. This will save Black lives. Any right-minded person knows this will place more black lives in jeopardy, i.e., more black deaths. But, this is what BLM wants; an oxymoron for sure.

BLM is using racial animus to further their true objective, Marxism. Their immediate goal is to remove President Trump from office, as stated by the founder of BLM. She is also a self proclaimed Marxist. On their website, speaking of their collective efforts, they assert, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” Note, they unequivocally state, “disrupt the Western-prescribe nuclear family”, and follow it with flowery Socialism, Communism, rhetoric, take your pick.

Blacks that are serious about education are accused of trying to be white. No doubt, according to BLM. Not to worry BLM, if they enter college, many will just become more plankton for you.

Watch Ray Charles on YouTube, where he inspires a chills and tears-inducing rendition of “America The Beautiful” in the second game opener of the 2001 World Series, honoring America, and imagine the possibility of this happening today. No way. In fact, we may see calls for his rendition to be excised from our music library.

I sincerely believe there are many silent Americans that retain the sense of life our founders bequeathed to us. Their silence will be heard loud and clear this November. Liberty will not yield. Semper Fi.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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