Manny Montes: Academia’s viral disease of histrionics |

Manny Montes: Academia’s viral disease of histrionics

Manny Montes
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“When people express more sympathy for Kavanaugh’s reputation than they do for what Dr. Ford experienced, they are also perpetuating our rape culture.”

“Our rape culture?” Really? So stated Sarah Wilson-Daley in response to my contribution, “Academia’s mob mentality.” Does she really believe our USA is like the Muslim ghettos in Sweden or Germany? There’s much in her piece to take issue with, but her portrayal of rape culture in our USA is another example of academia’s viral disease of histrionics infecting the blood stream of our culture, and is the focus of this response.

Like the concentric circles created by a rock dropped into a pond, academia, as the rock, creates concentric circles of progressive ideology that touches all sectors of our society and institutions. Unlike the victims in the 1956 horror movie, “Invasion of The Body Snatchers,” academia produces willingly aggrieved, victimized, and self-absorbed graduates steeped in identity politics fighting against their white supremacist overlords. Unlike the emotionless automaton victims in the movie, the automatons created by academia are all emotion. All you hear from campuses across America are shrill cries of academic and societal victimology, without rational thought.

The last vestiges of serious learning were long ago eradicated. Gone are the great works of literature, art, music and philosophy of Western Civilization. In their place are studies in gender, women/feminism studies, African American studies, intersectionality, and a host of other studies in the vein of Lives of Struggles: Minorities in a Majority Culture. A contributor to Stanford University’s Stanford Daily, state it succinctly — teaching Western civilization means “upholding white supremacy, capitalism, and colonialism, and all other oppressive systems that flow from Western civilizations.” Never mind that the modern world of science, technology, health, hitherto unknown levels of prosperity, abolishment of slavery, and the concept of individual liberty are the exclusive province of Western Civilization. But, I digress.

One of the progressive concentric circles is that our campuses are awash with serial “rapists.” This claim was started as a result of a 1985 Ms. magazine article stating that one fifth to one quarter of all college women will be raped or be the targets of attempted rape by end of their college years. That is 20 to 25 percent of all college women will be the victim of sexual assault. There is no other victim statistic rate as high as this. Quite frankly, this represents a national emergency. And so, like a sped up time-lapsed video of a flower going from bud to full bloom, the campus sexual assault industry careened across college campuses nationwide, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. If true, why in hell are parents sending their daughters into these hellholes of sexual predation? Goodness, males must absolutely be barred from attending college, or admitted to only male colleges; these predators must be isolated.

Well, the truth is, the rape crises statistics on campuses are the result of ambiguous and overly broad definitions as what constitutes rape. A case in point will illustrate this clearly.

A female college freshman of Occidental College attended a party in the dorm room of John Doe. They were both drinking, as were all other attendees. While dancing with John, she removed her shirt, and engaged in heavy petting on his bed. A friend of hers ushered her away, but before leaving, she gave John her cell number. When she arrived at her dorm room, John sent this text: “the second you’re away from them, come back.” She replied: “Okay, do you have a condom.” John replied: “Yes.” She replied: “Good, give me two minutes.” This girl was a virgin, and eager to share her impending exploit, she texted a friend back home: “I’m going to have sex now.” She went back to John’s dorm room, and lost her virginity.

Can anyone construe this as an episode of rape? Well, if the girl is adversely affected psychologically, and she sees John on campus going about his business without any apparent adverse reactions to their encounter, well, this just might be a case of rape. The college agreed, and expelled John.

Good luck getting into another college with this on his record. But, so what, the college rape industry has another statistic to add to its total, and confirmation for their millions of dollars of funding.

Cases like this litter our campuses nationwide. The Obama-era rules of Title IX kangaroo courts do not proceed on the presumption of innocence. They are weighted against due process. Kavanaugh hearings confirmed this.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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