Malen ‘Jim’ Jacobs: Weary of the homeless? |

Malen ‘Jim’ Jacobs: Weary of the homeless?

I’m weary of reading of all the proposals to enable the homeless in our community. I’m not homeless and never have been, but if I was I would want to be in a place that would be safe, dry and warm in the winter.

We keep hearing how people want to give them a house. How about communal living like we gave our American citizens of Japanese ancestry (approximately 120,000) living on the West coast from the start of World War II, out in the barren deserts of Utah, or the barracks of our service men and women that protect our great nation live in every day.

The barracks could have solar cells on the roof, and be insulated from the heat and cold. I propose they would have sleeping areas at each end with kitchen, bath and showers in the middle. A large wood stove with ducting and fans to distribute the heat towards each end. The barracks would be cleaned and supplied with wood by the inhabitants themselves, we have enough homeless veterans to direct those operations.

If you give a veteran the tools and materials they need they should be able to take care of themselves and their close neighbors. Let’s give them a hand up, not a handout and prevent our forests from burning because of their warming and cooking fires. In the future let’s hope the issue of homelessness will be just road kill in the rear-view mirror on the highway of life.

Some other things for you to ponder:

Did you know it is against the law in California to wear a mask covering your face if you are up to no good, as we have been seeing lately on the news?

The police are under orders of their chief, who is under orders of the mayor or city manager.

I’m asking you to support Lt. Bill Smethers, who will be our next common sense sheriff and will follow the will of the people and the law.

And are the bathrooms in our nation’s capital and Sacramento “co-educational,” as they dictate to us?

Finally, as to old people who answer questions slowly, could it be they are aware of more options and they would walk and drive slower because they are not in a hurry?

Malen “Jim” Jacobs lives in Nevada County.

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