Lynda Lasich: GOP too close to the wrong sorts |

Lynda Lasich: GOP too close to the wrong sorts

This is in response to Manny Montes’ guest column of Jan. 5, “Lunacy abounds from my POV.” Perhaps he can clear up my confounding as to how he and the other Republicans align themselves with a political party that supports the far-right radicals such as the Boogaloo boys, the American Guard, white supremacists, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, Wolverine Watchmen, Proud Boys and neo Nazis, to name just a few.

All these groups have aims for a revolution and civil war against our Constitution and government — anti-law and anti-Constitution one and all.

Then there are the insurrection and seditious acts of Jan. 6, when these people trashed Congress and wanted to hang Mike Pence and kill Nancy Pelosi. That day was not the normal tourist group visiting Washington, D. C., but far-right radicals who supported Trump and went so far as to build a scaffold to hang Mr. Pence.

One-hundred-and-forty police officers were injured and five people died. Not one of them came from Black Lives Matter or antifa, as faux news such as Fox News, OAN or Newsmax suggest. They are not “political prisoners,” as Mr. Montes claims, but criminals who have been found guilty of their crimes.

As an aside: Newsmax is the digital copy of The Enquirer, owned and operated by the same family who were great supporters of Trump.

One day recently, I happened to be at the Kmart parking lot to meet with a friend. A group of people were marching up and down alongside McKnight Way, waving the American flag, the Trump flag and the flag of one of those far-right radical groups indicated above. Several horns honked in apparent agreement with this group, which led me to believe that the far-right radicals are alive and well in Nevada County.

As to Mr. Montes’ complaints and apparent blaming of the Democrats, let me remind him that California took a vote on several matters he bitterly complains about and there has been no defunding police departments. It is believed by experts that the increase in crime is caused by the pandemic and the far-right radical groups mentioned above. In fact, the far-right radicals are now known to have caused riots and destruction in several states, including Wisconsin and Oregon, hoping to start that civil war and revolution.

Please let me know how you, Manny Montes and Mr. and Mrs. Rebane, all contributors of opinions to The Union, can align yourselves with what was once known as the Republican Party that has absolutely no platform at all, no sense as to how, if elected, would govern our country.

Talk about lunacy! As I’ve often said, the Republican Party is not the same party that gave us Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan.

Lynda Lasich lives in Grass Valley.

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