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Louis Marinelli: Respect what our veterans fought for

The United States of America exists today as a product of secession. About 40 percent of the American colonists supported independence from the British Empire and they ultimately decided what country the other 60 percent of the colonists would live in.

Today about a third of Californians support independence from the American Empire and that support is growing as the fiscal, political and cultural situation in the United States deteriorates. History repeats itself.

Declaring independence is about as American as it gets. It was the first act of the United States of America as a nation, and supporting the right to self-determination has been a cornerstone of American foreign policy for over a century, since the time of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points. Over the course of this time, our servicemen and women have fought and died for the freedom of other people in other nations, since our freedom here at home has never been under any direct threat. No foreign power has ever deprived American citizens of their liberties, let alone occupied any of our cities.

In fact, the only country that has ever deprived us of our liberties has been the United States. This is especially true today with the Patriot Act, the growth of the police state, and the destruction of federalism in favor of a strong, centralized national government in Washington, D.C.

The first veterans fought a war for independence and self-govern-ment. Let California have independence and self-government.

If we truly want to respect our veterans, we should respect what they fought for. The first veterans fought a war for independence and self-government. Let California have independence and self-government.

Later veterans fought in World War I to make the world “safe for democracy.” If California holds a fair and honest referendum on independence, democracy will prevail. Let California embrace democracy.

In World War II our veterans fought against the spread of fascism, yet fascism has now taken root in America. Let Californians reject fascism.

Since then our veterans haven’t really fought in any legitimate wars and that’s no fault of their own. But it does speak a lot about the country we live in today. It is not the same Union founded by Washington, Jefferson and Adams. It is not the same Union preserved by the Civil War. It is not the same Union that helped save the world from Nazi domination.

No, that Union is long gone and it is time for us to formalize that reality by political divorce, or independence.

Many colonists loyal to the Crown fled north to Canada after American independence. For those Californians loyal to the United States, if history is to repeat itself as it so often does, it seems you will be the ones relocating.

Louis Marinelli is a co-founder and board member for Yes California.

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