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Lou Ceci: Working to make Nevada City a better place

Lou Ceci | Other Voices

During my campaign for the Nevada City Council, I have walked every neighborhood of Nevada City, knocking on hundreds of doors and speaking with hundreds of residents.

They voiced their concerns: How can we create more affordable housing? Are we prepared for wildfire? Does drought threaten our water supply? Can the city do anything for the unhoused?

It is my good fortune to interact with voters in a community still small enough to make the rounds like this. When a candidate can hear directly from the people, democracy is alive and well.

And there was one comment I heard over and over: “Thank you for running.”

They didn’t mean me, specifically. They were pleased that someone was still interested in participating in local government. They were concerned that the political atmosphere had become too toxic to attract good candidates, good people, to a job that would surely come with political stress and personal criticism. Many added, “Good luck.”

I decided to run for the City Council because I saw things that need to be done. On housing, we need to make affordable units truly affordable and continue to provide our fair share as a city. On wildfire safety, I see a critical need for a community wildfire protection plan, and for a grant writer who will help us go after all available funding.

On the all-important issue of water, I have learned about our unused city wells and the complexities of our relationship with NID, the provider for more than half of our city’s supply. For today and tomorrow, our water supply needs to be a top priority.

For the unhoused, I see the need for programs that will protect them and their neighbors as they pass through hard times on their way to a better life. My own family came within a day of becoming homeless when I was a teenager. That’s why I see them as brothers and sisters, no matter how they got there. I am determined to continue working on this issue regardless of the outcome of the City Council election.

Going door to door has added depth and breadth to my understanding of what residents want for our town and what they are willing to do for it. There is an amazing determination, commitment, and work ethic among my fellow citizens. They serve our city and county in many ways, through many means.

Some serve on the Firewise Communities that ring our town, others in service organizations that help build ball parks and maintain our trails and bike paths, and still others are dedicated volunteers who go out each Wednesday morning and clean up our downtown Historic District.

There are those who work at the nonprofits that maintain and improve the Miners Foundry and the Nevada Theatre. Others work to preserve our many histories and complex heritage, or raise funds to help those people, programs, and facilities that need assistance.

The sheer number of organizations like these in our town is unique, beneficial, and a credit to our community.

It is my hope that my priorities and professional and educational background will also benefit Nevada City, meeting the needs of our town today and well into the future. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to serve, and I ask for your careful consideration.

To my fellow citizens working to make this town a better place, thank you for your service. And to all the candidates seeking public office, thank you for running. Let’s make democracy work. Let’s exercise our right to vote on June 7!

Lou Ceci is running for the Nevada City Council. He lives in Nevada City.


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