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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Put a ring on it

By Lorraine Jewett | Special to The Union

An Easter Bunny has replaced Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, and the funny bunny is now in charge of the ore cart at the Intero Real Estate offices across from Maria’s Restaurant. Will Intero challenge Old Barn Storage and its Golden Center Freeway displays for the fame claim of “Best Rotating Public Holiday-themed Outdoor Décor?” We will find some way to fit that title on the perpetual trophy…

An Easter Bunny has replaced Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, and is now in charge of the ore cart at the Intero Real Estate offices at 170 East Main St.
Lorraine Jewett
Old Barn Storage has been changing its holiday-themed display along the Golden Center Freeway for 15 years.
Submitted to The Union

He’s Not Exactly Local, but he deserves some ink. Phill Abernathy saved a wedding day after the groom dropped the bride’s ring in Lake Tahoe. Not Lake Tahoe the city, but into the actual lake. The ring tumbled through a crack in the pier on which the couple was exchanging vows. The groom reached out to local divers for help. The next day, Phill – like James Bond or any superhero would – donned a dry suit, dove in, and found the ring 45 minutes later. Phill’s expertise and experience were tested. “The ring fell among rocks that weren’t too deep, but just beyond them the lake bed dropped 20 feet,” says Phill, who lives in Tahoe City and has been diving since 2004. “Plus, the lake’s water temperature can be dangerously cold…”

Phill Abernathy saved the day when he retrieved the bride’s wedding ring that the groom accidentally dropped in Lake Tahoe during the couple’s wedding ceremony on a pier.
Photo by Andrew Kent

Phill’s Heroics Made Headlines Nationwide and he’s received news interview requests from as far away as Florida and Hawaii. He’s one of those people you want in your corner. Phill is a member of the Homewood Ski Patrol, fixes bicycles, repairs computers, and has made all manner of water and diving recoveries. His email address includes the words, “Phill Helps…” He’s trying to grow a group of Tahoe scuba divers to expand his Pay-It-Forward lifestyle. (http://www.Facebook.com/groups/TahoeScubaDiving). “I’m the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of help,” jokes Phill…

Marlee Kent was delighted when Phill Abernathy retrieved her wedding ring from the waters of Lake Tahoe. Kent’s groom, Andrew, right, dropped the ring while opening the ring box during the wedding ceremony on a Lake Tahoe pier.
Photo by Andrew Kent

Are You Sitting Down? Sitting is the new smoking. Long-term sitters have a 147% increased risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke. Some researchers even contend sitting is statistically more dangerous than parachuting…

The Genre Is Quirky Monsters and Fun Fantasy, and her artwork supports a vital nonprofit. In 2015, artist Ronnie Hart decided to use her creative skills and bachelor of arts in fine art to benefit our community. She donates 100% of sales of her prints and greeting cards to the Interfaith Food Ministry; if you buy a $5 card, $5 goes to IFM. Lucchesi’s Wine Tasting Room and Walker’s Office Supplies sell Ronnie’s artwork, plus she has an Etsy site called “Mongeeart.” Ronnie has already donated more than $6,500 to IFM. “I love using my artwork to benefit IFM and see the results of my whimsical cards and paintings actually putting food on people’s tables,” says Ronnie. “It’s truly a win-win situation…”

Artist Ronnie Hart, who creates prints and greeting cards with a whimsical monster and fun fantasy genre, donates proceeds of her work to the Interfaith Food Ministry. Since 2015, she’s donated more than $6,500.
Submitted to The Union

The Easter Bunny made another visit to the Poston house this year, bringing along another 150 eggs to add to the nearly 1,000 decorations at the family’s home next to the parking lot of Maria’s Restaurant. Every holiday decoration isn’t done until it’s over done at the Poston house. Dan, a landscape contractor, and Elizabeth, a landscape designer (http://www.LivingOutdoorsLandscape.com), have playfully skirmished over use of the family storage shed: He Shed or She Shed? “Dan is officially giving up hope his storage shed will ever again store garden tools instead of holiday decorations,” says Elizabeth Poston, “now that he’s lost the ‘Battle of the Bunny’…”

The Easter Bunny made another pilgrimmage to the Poston house in downtown Grass Valley this year, bringing along another 150 eggs to add to the nearly 1,000 decorations at the family’s home.
Lorraine Jewett

Nose to the Grindstone. The roots of Drew Speroni’s Early Bird Farm & Mill are firmly planted in NevCity, but now Drew is branching out. Early Bird’s organically grown, stone-ground and heritage grain flours and mixes are now a permanent fixture on Whole Foods Market shelves in NorCal. Early Bird stone-ground flour is available at NevCity and Oakland farmers markets, and Early Bird flour is the primary ingredient used at the popular Faria Bakery in Sacto. “Fresh flour is a movement,” says Drew. “The favorite part of my job is when I’m at farmers markets and I can share why fresh-milled organic grain products are healthier and easier to digest than commercial flour…”

Early Bird Farm & Mill of Nevada City uses stone mills to create its fresh-milled organic grain products. The Nevada City company’s flours and mixes are sold at While Foods Markets.
Submitted to The Union

Early Bird Farm & Mill is also spreading its wings to Colfax, where the company will open a new facility at the Fruit Exchange Building on Railroad Street. Drew adds, “Supporting organic, regenerative farms is one way toward a healthier local economy and healthier planet…”

Jessica McClintock passed away last month, and generations of women have fond memories of wearing her dresses to proms and weddings. Ribbons, bows, lace and ruffles were de rigueur for dresses created by the San Francisco-based company. One famous bride who walked down the aisle in a Jessica McClintock dress was Hillary Rodham when she married Bill Clinton in 1975. Bride magazine reports Hillary purchased the dress for $53 at an Arkansas mall…

“Procrastination Isn’t the Problem. It’s the solution. It’s the universe’s way of saying stop, slow down, you move too fast.” ― Ellen DeGeneres (1958 – ), American comedienne and TV talk show host…

Even if you personally put the “pro” in procrastinate, take a moment to send your happy news to LorraineJewettWrites@gmail.com.

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