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Lorie Hennessey: Protecting Fido this Fourth of July

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Lorie Hennessey

Sammie’s Friends at the Nevada County Animal Shelter wishes everyone a wonderful and safe Fourth of July celebration.

Fourth of July is a day of celebration when we display our flags proudly commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States. It is also filled with barbecues, picnics, parades and most of all, fireworks.

The Fourth of July has always instigated pride and nostalgia for me but now that I am the shelter director at Sammie’s Friends, it creates a new feeling — a feeling of uncertainty of what might come on July 5.

Let me explain a little further … I’ve been the shelter director at Sammie’s Friends for seven months and I’ve already learned that rain, thunder and lightning will inevitably increase the amount of dogs at the shelter the next day who have escaped and run off in complete and utter fear. Fireworks, as beautiful as they are, are a lot like thunder and lightning to an animal so we prepare each year for a number of strays to arrive at the shelter the day after. In some years, we’ve had up to 11 dogs brought in by members of the public or animal control.

So, this Fourth of July, avoid heartbreak that could result in unnecessary fees or leaving your animal hurt or even worse, dead, by doing your part in keeping your family pet safe. Ensure their safety by following some of these helpful tips:

Secure your dog inside with the TV or music left on; use a thunder shirt to reduce their anxiety; provide a space in your house where they may feel safe (some dogs will find a nice closet or under the bed to feel safer); or enjoy time at home with your pets. Oh, and remember, if you plan to head out for the Fourth of July parade or just out and about, remember to protect your pet’s paws — the pavement/asphalt is scorching hot.

However, as much as you plan, things happen so please make sure your animal has proper identification with your name and correct phone number should they get out and take off for who knows where.

And no offense, we hope that we only see you at the shelter for adoptions but in the event your animal goes missing, call your city or county shelter so that we may help reunite you with your pet.

Lorie Hennessey is the shelter director at Sammie’s Friends in Grass Valley.

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