Linda Kelleher: Why Democrats can’t win in Northern California |

Linda Kelleher: Why Democrats can’t win in Northern California

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Linda Kelleher

I am writing this to explain why I chose to run as a nonpartisan, as well the reason Democrats cannot win in north state.

First let me address the common misconception, that I chose to run against the Democrat candidate. On Dec. 11, two days prior to the final day of filing papers, I discovered that the Democrats did not have a candidate running for State Senate District 1. As a nonpartisan (since 1988) I needed to gather 40 signatures. If I had been a party member, all I would of needed is the permission of the party’s Central Committee to become a candidate. Though I had enough, I needed some for cushion.

I posted a request on Indivisible Women Facebook page. I gratefully received one. Imagine my surprise, when on Friday the Nevada County Democrats found a candidate to run against me. Apparently, as a nonpartisan woman, I was viewed as an enemy of their partisan status quo and not worthy as a viable candidate. As such, please ask the Democrat candidate why she in two days chose to run against me. She must of had a partisan epiphany.

When I started the journey in October, I was testing the theory that governing by partisan parties funded by corporate pyramid economics is unconstitutional and is destroying our constitutional democracy. However, I had no idea how partisan parties controls the electoral process in California, as well nationally. The RNC and DNC, nonelected partisan officials, are those who determine the electoral process. In other words, the citizens select candidates that two parties select and promote financially. This is in direct conflict with our mission statement or our Preamble. It begins with “We the People” … and to “promote the general Welfare.” The words partisan parties, economics, capitalism, Marxism, communism do not exist, for good reason.

George W. the 1st proposed an amendment to ban partisan or ideological parties. The framers knew from history that ideology, includes all religions, is inherently corrupt. But others felt they had built a strong constitutional democracy so it wasn’t necessary. Too bad we proved them wrong.

The new Constitution that replaced the Articles of Confederacy was ratified in 1789. Adam Smith’s manuscript or thesis “The Wealth of Nations,” that established the behavioral science of economics, wasn’t published until 1792. The words or terms, capitalism, let alone Marxism, hadn’t been created yet. The framers were not psychics or could not know the unknowable.

The reason Democrats cannot win in the north state is due to the idea that the north state is a Republican stronghold. It’s not worth the political capital to support state or federal candidates here. It’s the reason that LaMalfa and the Dahles can continue representing their economic interests at the expense of their taxpaying constituents’ general welfare. They like things just the way they are and won’t change a thing; why would they?

They want to continue their legacy to profit off our natural resources. Because of that economic policy, many rural citizens live in Appalachia-like poverty, like in Bieber. This is Dahle’s hometown. But the Democrats are so busy focusing on maintaining their partisan control in populated Southern California, they don’t pay attention to these isolated, ignored citizens.

Those are the reasons I chose to run for State Senate District 1. I am not asking for money, just votes. I am asking for the privilege to represent We, the taxpaying citizens of Senate District 1.

I want to work for our citizens general welfare not special interest welfare. All citizens are special and can be served if they have access to opportunity. Can we all respect the process of reaching that ideal?

Linda Kelleher, who lives in Nevada County, is a candidate for California’s 1st State Senate District.

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