Linda Kelleher: This mess is all Republicans’ fault |

Linda Kelleher: This mess is all Republicans’ fault

As defined, culture is the learned behavior of a small or large behavior. A statement of opinion is different than one of fact. I taught high school students the basic critical thinking skill to tell the difference.

While the majority of the state is in the Orange Tier, the next to least restrictive status, we in Nevada County are stuck in Red, the second-most-restrictive status.

The physics of cause and effect of human behavior reveals the answers. I, a fully inoculated citizen, just returned from the city of San Diego. This city of several million souls had moved into the second-least-restrictive Orange Tier.

I believe the major difference between the two locales is that San Diego’s citizens, business owners and the majority of elected officials used medical science to guide their actions. They followed the rules of public health and safety, based on the culture of the Constitution.

The purpose of the Constitution is stated in the mission statement, or preamble.This states the goals for a more unified (federal) country and for the common defense (common law; what’s good for one is good for all) and general welfare of we the people. This Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.

This is the government or culture the southern slave states seceded over and wanted back, the ideal of white Christian men having the sovereign divine rights to own their wives, children and labor or other human beings as property.

These same ideals have been promoted to the Republican base since 1968 Nixon gave a home to bigoted Democrats or Dixiecrats in the Republican Party. In 2012, the Republican National Committee hired Roger Stone to take their Republican base mainstream. Nixon fan boy Stone borrowed Tricky Dick’s “Southern Strategy” and took it viral.

Due to Republican political control from local to federal elected officials, we the taxpayers of Nevada County are suffering the consequences of this ideology on the dime and on the backs of the United States.

Their goal was to replace our civil rights with the property rights of pyramid capitalists like U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa and his fellow corporate rice growers. These people are fighting to maintain the right to own and control 80% of the Sacramento River watershed as an asset. Plus, like the rest of those with subsidized or special crops, big corporate farmers want to continue their legacy rights to receive government welfare. They think they deserve it!

I guess these hypocrites forgot that no one deserves a thing. One must be grateful for what the good Lord provides them.

Bottom line, it’s the results of the actions taken by our elected Republicans, from county to federal, and their power to promote their own capitalistic interests on our backs and at our expense.

It’s time to stand up to our elected representatives who are intent on replacing our civil rights with pyramid corporate property rights on our dime. I believe a vote for a Republican is a vote for treason. That includes voting for the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Our local base of the Republican Party fell for the hoax of the Confederacy, white Christian men’s notion of the right to rule over the United States.

Linda Kelleher lives in Nevada City.

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