Larry Hoffman: Time for thinking Republicans |

Larry Hoffman: Time for thinking Republicans

Larry Hoffman
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I greatly appreciated reading Don Rogers’ op-ed published on July 26. It demonstrates he is not just another conservative who is blindly following our love-me-or-else president.

It also gave me hope there are others like him.

In some of his previous op-eds Rogers seemed to rail against liberals (“libtard” I believe was one term he used) and Democrats in general. So, when he articulated the reasons he has not, does not and will not support or vote for Donald Trump, it made me realize there are some devoted right-wing people who do think independently, aren’t caught up in his mass group-think or whipped-up hysteria, and see Trump in his true light.

So, fast forward a week to Todd Juvinall’s op-ed. It was no surprise that he defends Trump and declares that Trump was completely exonerated of all misdoing, which he wasn’t. It was no surprise that he declares Trump won the presidency “fair and square,” ignoring all the evidence of Russian meddling to sway the election. It was no surprise that he defends all of Trump’s actions (e.g., questioning Obama’s birth place, calling James Comey a “liar and a charlatan,” asserting that there are “crooked cops” in the FBI, NSA and CIA apparently acting against Trump).

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It’s my hope there are many more Republicans who can avoid the pitfall and allure of Donald Trump and his supporters

Trump’s supporters righteously believe all these and more. Unfortunately, this too is no surprise.

What is a surprise is how Todd Juvinall jumped all over Don Rogers for speaking what he, I and many others recognize as the truth. Rogers clearly shows no strong allegiance to Democrats. He points out that “much of their ideology” strikes him as “wrong-headed.” Their policies and legislation are “largely ill-advised.” He admonishes their willingness to freely pass legislation that increase taxes.

Yet Juvinall mentions none of this and focuses instead on how Rogers is “unaware of the Democrats’ agenda.” And, of course that includes the talking point falsehoods heard regularly on conservative “news” programs: Democrats want open borders, all Democrat presidential candidates are “socialism” (he must have meant socialists), that minority Democrat congresswomen, not Trump, are actually the racists. He posits that Rogers “screed” is typical left-wing propaganda.

So what does this tell us about die-hard Trump supporters? They, like Trump, are highly critical of their own party members who see Trump for what he is, recognize the damage Trump has done and is doing to this nation and speak out against him.

How many of Trump’s now convicted associates were Republican? How many became the target of his wrath when they exposed his wrong doings?

I do not agree with some things Don Rogers has written in the past, though I truly respect his willingness to write about and act upon his concerns about and actions of politicians (whether left or right).

It’s my hope there are many more Republicans who can avoid the pitfall and allure of Donald Trump and his supporters who, like Todd Juvinall, are ready to bash and bully you if you start questioning their beliefs and behaviors.

Larry Hoffman lives in Grass Valley.

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