Larry Hoffman: Congressional hypocrites |

Larry Hoffman: Congressional hypocrites


Isn’t it great to have congressmen who tell you what you need and what you don’t need? I’m, of course, referring to U.S. Reps. Doug LaMalfa and Tom McClintock, who have both voted against the $2,000 stimulus checks that were approved overwhelmingly by Democrats and many Republicans in the House of Representatives.

McClintock also opposed an earlier stimulus bill. He did so because it “opens the door for anyone who wants to game the system.”

LaMalfa opposes the $2,000 checks because payments should be targeted toward those most in need, “helping actual citizens who have lost income because of government shutdowns.”

Isn’t it also great to have congressmen who have selective memory, especially in regard to their own self-interest?

Let us start with you, Doug LaMalfa, who represents most of us in Nevada County. According to an opinion piece written by Julie Carville, your family’s agri-business has received over $5 million in subsidies from the federal government. So, in essence you’re saying only the truly needful people should receive help and therefore you must consider yourself truly needful.

Imagine if everyone in this country received even 1% of what you’ve gotten through your entitlement (yes, your entitlement). We’d all be pretty well off, eh?

Now let’s turn to you, Tom McClintock, who represents the southern and eastern portions of our county. You have complained about government spending for as long as I can remember.

You famously bellyached that the government pays “$400 for a hammer and $600 for a toilet seat.” Yet you, yourself, collected per diem for years as a state legislator, claiming to live out of the area with your mother, when you actually resided in Elk Grove with your family. Per The Los Angeles Times, you “accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax-free per diem payments from the state” although you were not entitled to it. Talk about gaming the system. You are the master!

Summing this up, you two are shameful hypocrites. To you it is perfectly fine to line your own pockets and pretend that’s not corruption or self-aggrandizement. If it’s not, what would you call it?

So, regarding the stimulus checks, I would add this: I do agree that those who don’t need it should not spend it. That includes people like me whose income has not been affected by COVID-19. However, having said that, I would add that those of us in that category do what my wife and I did with the $1,200 previously sent to each of us — donate it to a worthy charity or simply give it to people who really need it. That’s the proper thing to do, and it delivers help to those who really need it.

In any event, neither of you congressmen have the moral ground to say what people should receive or not receive. Shame on both of you.

Larry Hoffman lives in Grass Valley.

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