Larry Cook: In Trump you trust? |

Larry Cook: In Trump you trust?

It all began with looting and destruction of property. A group of Massachusetts colonists belonging to the resistance group, Sons of Liberty, disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and dumped 342 chests of tea off British ships into Boston Harbor.

Two years later, in March 1775, a mob of colonists began taunting British soldiers guarding the government customs house throwing stones, clubs and snowballs. The troops fired, killing three instantly and wounding eight others.

Following our independence in 1776, Madison and Hamilton agreed to move the seat of government from New York to Philadelphia distancing the nation’s political business from the capitol of financial speculation.

The political Tea Party emerged two centuries later when a group of corporate oligarchs hijacked the term “Tea Party” and poured dark money into a cup, stirred up controversy with a media blitz, and served up an intoxicating patriotic movement to weaken the American government and embolden corporate power in politics. It was so simple. It ends up that people will believe almost anything you say if you fondle an American flag. People will forgive you anything if you hold up a borrowed Bible.

Enter Donald Trump. The corporate con incarnate.

Trump never had to understand government: Why he couldn’t use nuclear weapons, or that Congress was an equal branch of government, or the Justice Department wasn’t his personal cadre of defense attorneys. He was only there for the looting and destruction of our nation by a group of like-minded billionaires disguised as patriots.

If you want evidence of gross corruption, begin with the missing millions from the Trump inaugural campaign fund. Despite the outrageous inflated pricing for the Trump Hotel ballroom and suites, millions more can’t be accounted for. Looted.

You only have to look at the loss of nearly 200,000 Americans lives from a pandemic in the “greatest” country in the world. But the stock market was protected. In the corporate world, it’s called “collateral damage.”

Weaken the government. Let the national debt and deficit soar. Dismiss regulations. Undermine our most honored institutions. Break with European allies. Rule by executive order and constant threat. Run the country with “acting” positions. Confront outcry over racial injustice with military force. Hitler had the radio which reached 70% of German homes. Trump has 83 million followers on Twitter and a media mentality that cannot take their eyes off a shadowy showman. Beware the leader who holds rallies and pushes fear during a crisis. Be it Hitler in Nuremberg demonizing Jews, or Trump in Nashville demonizing Democrats. Beware the leader who has delusions of grandeur and gives simple explanations for very complicated problems. Beware the leader who attacks the free press and replaces factual information with conspiracy theories and outlandish ideas.

What will it take for Trump’s supporters to vote for Joe Biden? What really stops them?

Trump? He compared a cop shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back to a golfer choking on an easy putt. Donald Trump once said that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody without losing any votes. How many times would you watch Donald Trump shoot people in Times Square before you disarmed him?

Either we wrestle the power from the hands of this madman in November and restore the honor that our forefathers and soldiers fought so long and hard for, or Trump is right. We are the suckers. We are the losers.

Larry Cook lives in Penn Valley.

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