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Kurt Reynolds: Why we need the wall

Kurt Reynolds
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OK, Ron Lowe, I read your Dec. 15 letter, and let me begin by quoting Dr. Murcer (Sierra Medical Eye): “President Obama lied!”

I am nearly blind in one eye and need surgery that I can’t get. I guess Type 1 diabetes doesn’t count as a pre-existing condition. I would also like to quote North Valley Nephrology: “President Obama did lie, we’re so sorry.”

Yeah, so am I, but who cares about some deplorable dregs-of-the-earth white male conservative scum?

Let’s talk about illegal immigration and the border. Do you know the story, “The Lake or the Tiger?”

You either support securing the border, knowing every person who enters, from where and why, or you don’t. Two choices, that’s it. If not, there are only a few reasons why not. Here are the reasons to oppose border security and stopping illegal immigration.

1. Do you use drugs? Do you sell drugs?

2. Do you require people trafficked for sex?

3. Do you require low-income workers who will work for below minimum wage?

4. Do you require large voting blocks who will vote a certain way?

I am honest enough to say that from the summer of 1984 to Aug. 2, 2003 I opposed border security because of my drug use. From summer of 1981 to many years following, I opposed border security to ensure co-workers in food service were as good or better than I was in the kitchen. Immigration status was not my concern.

So, Ron, there is a lot to my story, what’s yours?

I was able to avoid a drug-related death. I was on a path of “head-on collision, no survivors.” If you ever need dope at a better price, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, he will hook us up. And if we’re both white, the cops will be too busy profiling minorities, so we’re golden (sorry I couldn’t help taking a jab at the liberal nonsense about the police and the justice system in America).

I oppose drug use and what it does to society.

I support drug rehab and recovery — that and the idea of “America first”. That’s why I supported Trump over Clinton.

Why so hostile, Mr. Lowe? Have a nice day.

Kurt. A. Reynolds lives in Smartsville.

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