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Kurt Reynolds: Marijuana dangers concealed for sake of profit

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Kurt Reynolds

John P. Deam last month wrote a response to my Other Voices column. Let me respond to Mr. Deam.

Every word that I wrote was stone-cold fact. Water is wet, the sky is blue and two plus two equals four.

Why would anyone agree “with most of that?” It’s all correct.

So, let’s set the record straight, because clearly I wasn’t taken at face value. There isn’t anything I don’t know concerning drug use. Mr. Deam, please take the facts at face value, don’t add or subtract anything, misunderstand my meaning. I choose my words wisely and I only speak the truth. The real danger with pot is the gateway factor. Teens and preteens who smoke pot can easily transition to harder drugs. Yes, adult pot use, especially for pain management, it okay; it should be part of pain management.

However, there is no such thing as “responsible” pot use” when it comes to children, obviously. The fact is young people (children) are very impressionable, have you seen the ads: “It helps me feel normal,” “It helps me with cramps,” “I love it.” That sends an incomplete message about pot.

The facts about pot use are very carefully concealed and covered up by the legal cannabis industry exactly the same way cigarette companies lied about dangers of smoking for the sake of profits. So there it is, again. I would hate to see America face a drug addiction crisis that kills more Americans in one year than died during the Vietnam War.

No, pot use is to blame for the entire epidemic, it is one of the confluence of factors and reasons, all of which I am fully educated and aware of. But talk is cheap. Nobody knows more about addiction and recovery than I do. Why would I lie?

I care a great deal about children. I don’t care that they’re too young to vote.

Kurt Reynolds lives in Smartsville.

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