Ken Hale: Trump and the Seven Deadly Sins |

Ken Hale: Trump and the Seven Deadly Sins

Ken Hale
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Let’s start off with “lust.” The Bible defines lust as a huge craving for the pleasures of the flesh. It was revealed that Trump was a direct party to silencing a porn star he had an affair with while he was married to his current wife.

This is the same guy who stated that he could simply walk up to beautiful, aspiring actresses and grab them by the p**sy, an act he apparently carried out on unsuspecting females. Charges against him include sexual assault and rape.

Next up is “gluttony,” Biblically defined as desire to consume more than one requires. The man weighs nearly 300 pounds, lives in multiple castles, and must have, or be seen to have, the best of everything. In Christianity, it is considered a sin if the excessive desire for food or other commodities cause anything to be withheld from the needy. Trump fails to pass the gluttony test.

That brings us to “greed.” The Bible tells us that greed is the extreme desire for material wealth. The man claims to have many millions of dollars, yet he regularly screws his contractors out of money they earned working for him. Trump has a long-term pattern of not paying the people he hires. In addition, he hires undocumented folks because he doesn’t have to pay them as much. Indeed, he has gone bankrupt at least four times, screwing all his creditors out of millions of dollars. Yet this guy claims to have hundreds of millions. How is that possible? The only name for this is extreme greed.

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… the only person I have ever come across who fails all seven of the deadly sins in now president of the United States.

Next up is “sloth.” Biblically, sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. According to his handlers, Trump spends hours every day in front of the tube, watching his favorite news network tell him what a great job he is doing, despite all indications to the contrary. Indeed, all anyone has to do is look at the man to understand instantly that he spends most of his time sitting on his backside. As stated in “gluttony” above, he is pushing 300 pounds. Those around him have stated that he rarely reads anything, even if our national interests are at stake, or war with another country might ensue. He relies instead on his “instincts.” This is another word for not doing the work required to prepare for national and international issues. Sloth is another great Trumpian failure.

“Wrath” is the next deadly sin we will look at. Wrath is defined by the Bible as fury directed at others. All we have to do is look at his tweets to figure out the man is pretty much made of wrath. Anytime anyone takes a poke at him, even if what he just did was so contemptible that all normal people condemn it, he lashes out. Some make excuses for him. Despicable behavior is still despicable behavior. He holds the highest office in this country. Every president has had detractors. Most have understood that criticism from the media and other sources is a reality. My grandfather taught me at age 5 that if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

“Envy” is the desire for another’s status, ability, or situation, according to the Bible. The man sends jibes at people he wants to tear down and adores people he wants to emulate. His actions tell us that he envies people like Vladimir Putin, or worse, Kim Jong-Un from North Korea. And his envy is our collective risk. He adores absolute power at our national expense.

Last is “pride.” According to the Bible, this is the worst sin of the seven. It is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities to the extent that it interferes with any view of the real world. Pride and vanity are the same thing when looked at in this context. Trump is so vain he rarely listens to people who have studied international and national issues their entire lives. He relies instead on “instinct.” And he basks in the adoration of the crowd, even if they are small crowds. The man lives in palaces lined with gold plate (or more likely gold paint). The world consists only of him and those who adore him.

Anyone who has the audacity to question him is quickly dismissed, including a whole list of great American generals of substantial renown.

In my view, the only person I have ever come across who fails all seven of the deadly sins in now president of the United States. God help us all.

Ken Hale lives in Grass Valley.

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