Keith Schoendoerfer: Some requests for my congressman |

Keith Schoendoerfer: Some requests for my congressman

If I thought writing an open letter to my congressional (California, District 1) representative, Doug LaMalfa concerning his recent job performance would produce a well thought out personal and insightful response, I might make these requests.

I would like to ask him to apologize to the American public for his wrongful vote to overturn the certified electoral vote counts of Pennsylvania and Arizona on Jan. 6. The votes were certified. Period!

I sure he won’t apologize, so I won’t ask.

I would also like to ask him to personally call Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and extend his congratulations for winning the election. They won the election fair and square with more popular votes than any other elected official in U.S. history.

I know he won’t make the call, so I won’t ask.

I would really like ask him to publicly make amends for continuing to vilify and denigrate our election process in the face of unanimous support of the process and the final outcome by every state and federal election official as well as the constant presentation of clear objective evidence from every state’ election office.

And noting Mr. LaMalfa’s complete failure to acknowledge the nearly total rebuke by the American judicial system of the more than 60 empty efforts to shove what has amounted to be an insidiously evil and unfortunately popular conspiracy theory down the throats of the American people.

Actually, to call it a conspiracy theory is to give it a better name than it deserves. It was a totally deliberate fabrication — a nasty, hateful, greed driven, and hurtful lie. It could have cost us our democracy.

I’m pretty sure he won’t make amends, so I won’t ask.

I do need to ask him to publicly admit that his vote against the impeachment of Donald Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors was a desperate mistake. I can believe there were pressures coming from both sides of that vote, but to cast a no vote was to openly support the unleashing by a sitting president of a seditious mob of white supremacist goons against the Capitol of the United States of America.

Aiding and abetting may be the right term here, but I think complicity speaks too highly of his actions. Gutlessness and fear seem to be the odor I get.

I’m totally sure he won’t make this admission either, so I won’t ask.

However, I will now ask my congressional representative, Douglas LaMalfa, through this letter to do something big for his District 1 constituents. Please Doug, step aside in 2022 and not waste everyone’s time and money by conducting what I personally promise to work hard to make happen … your failed election campaign.

Keith Schoendoerfer lives in Grass Valley.

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