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Kathy Mendoza: Change begins with each one of us

Our democracy is on the verge of being eradicated and the name of our country is under siege. The extremism of both parties is preventing our government from functioning and consensus is not being considered as a necessity or desired goal.

This phenomenon has overtaken many citizens of the United States. The toxic political atmosphere needs to change for the sake of our country’s foundation.

We all have different experiences and opinions and have the right to those and to be heard. We should be attempting to understand and considering different views and attitudes and acknowledge those as important to propel our laws and policies forward toward peace, justice and freedom for all.

Instead of debating the issues, some judge other’s character without real knowledge of the person or position. We have stopped listening to each other and are unable to discuss anything without personal attacks. Telling people that they need to leave this country or even shut up because they dispute our ideas is unpatriotic. Hating people and states because they might disagree with some of our values and needs is appalling!

When we choose winning and dictating as the correct procedure instead of negotiating and compromise as our technique, we destroy what equality and democracy is about. We all have a voice in a democratic process! We should be supporting and working to be the United States.

That is why, as a no party preference voter and one who has never been politically active, I am supporting and volunteering for Marty Walters for Congress. Marty Walters is what is needed in Washington D.C. Marty Walters, as a resident of a rural community in District 1, has continued to tour our district, talking with, learning and thoughtfully comprehending our experiences and what is important to all of us. Marty Walters understands, promotes and focuses on the similarities and uniqueness of our area with the belief that everyone should have an equal voice.

We are comprised of different opinions, contributions and significances to our nation than many other areas in California and the U.S. Marty Walters will go to Washington DC to represent our diverse district, values, needs and importance.

Please check out Marty Walters and consider the difference of Marty Walters as a candidate and her platform. I think you will be impressed and realize that you will be represented. When Marty Walters wins, we all win!

Kathy Mendoza lives in Grass Valley.

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