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Kate Laferriere: Help Interfaith Food Ministry feed 3,000 families

Kate Laferriere
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For those struggling with food insecurity, the holiday season is the most challenging time of the year. Approximately 3,500 families receive much needed groceries from Interfaith Food Ministry on a regular basis.

Seniors on fixed incomes, single parents, disabled individuals and working parents — all may experience occasional or chronic food insecurity due to unforeseen expenses, rising food prices or low wages.

On Nov. 17, 2015, Mary, one of our clients, suffered a major stroke. Her neurologist was surprised she survived.

“Before I came to Interfaith Food Ministry, I couldn’t pay for all my medications,” she said. “So I did without them. Now I have figured a way to make it work and I can afford my medications because of Interfaith Faith Food Ministry.”

Our goal is to sponsor 3,000 families. Sadly donations are down this quarter in comparison to previous years making funding our Christmas distribution difficult.

Without Interfaith’s Holiday Food Distribution Program, most of our clients would go without Thanksgiving or Christmas meals. However, it costs an additional $20,000 just to provide Thanksgiving meals. Interfaith’s “Sponsor a Family Campaign” raises funds to specifically fill the grocery bags with traditional holiday food for families and individuals, like Mary. We believe no one should be left out of the joy of a holiday meal with family.

Interfaith Food Ministry is near the end of our Sponsor A Family campaign to raise money to provide holiday groceries for those struggling to put food on the table. Our goal is to sponsor 3,000 families. Sadly donations are down this quarter in comparison to previous years making funding our Christmas distribution difficult.

Fortunately, thanks to two generous anonymous donors, you can double every dollar donated to Sponsor A Family; up to $10,000! Your $5 donation will become $10! If Interfaith Food Ministry’s Sponsor A Family program receives $10,000 in donations, it will become $20,000! We will be able to sponsor 1,000 more families and reach our goal of feeding 3,000 families.

But we must hurry! This special donation challenge will end Dec. 31. Donations must be marked “Double the Donation for Sponsor A Family.”

Sponsor a Family made a difference for Thanksgiving. Much needed donations enabled Interfaith Food Ministry to provide Thanksgiving groceries to 1,127 families in need. For two very busy weeks before Thanksgiving, holiday groceries were included with the normal distribution of food on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Extra volunteers from the Grass Valley Ladies Relief Society, Interfaith Food Ministry, and the community at large, added turkeys (for families of two or more), a whole chicken (for individuals) canned green beans, stuffing, margarine, rolls, and cranberry sauce to the grocery carts.

On Nov. 19, the Monday before Thanksgiving, was the busiest day of food distribution. A record number of over 350 families received regular and Thanksgiving groceries. Interfaith Executive Director Phil Alonso reported, “We were filling grocery carts well after closing time to ensure everyone in line received groceries. The work is worth it when you see the faces of the families receiving the food.”

Donations to Sponsor a Family by Dec. 31 will make a difference for Christmas. Don’t miss this opportunity to double your donation. Please sponsor a family for $20, two families for $40 or five families for $100. Interfaith Food Ministry also has holiday gift cards so that you can Sponsor a Family as a gift for a family member or friend. Sponsor a Family not only makes the holidays brighter for those in need, but the heartfelt appreciation from our client families fills the soul with the spirit of the season.

“Thank you all so much for providing food again for me today and for many of those whom have it worse than myself,” wrote a client. “Many of you have lifted my spirits … encouraging me to go forward. My life, heart, and stomach have been filled with joy, hope, and faith that comes from each and everyone of you.”

Checks can be made payable to: Interfaith Food Ministry, 440 Henderson Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Donations can also be made on our website at http://www.interfaithfoodministry.org.

Kate Laferriere lives in Grass Valley and works with Interfaith Food Ministry.

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