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Julie Carville: Educating ourselves to find the right congressional candidate

Julie Carville | Other Voices

As a resident of Nevada City for 33 years, I’m delighted that we have the opportunity in our new 3rd Congressional District to choose a candidate on November 8th who will truly serve our district, rather than someone who divides and bows to party politics. We need someone who is ethical, competent, and committed to serve regardless of one’s party or no party. So it’s critical now that we take the time to really educate ourselves to find the right candidate.

Fortunately, Dr. Kermit Jones, a physician and lawyer, is running for office with all those qualities. His commitment is: “I don’t serve any party, my job is to serve you.” And serve he does. When the 9/11 tragedy hit, he joined the Navy and trained to be a flight surgeon with a Marine helicopter casualty evacuation squadron to care for injured U. S. solders and Iraqis. When he came home, he worked in the White House Office of Secretary of Health and Human Service on health care policies for veterans. Later as a lawyer, he successfully worked to introduce lifesaving medications to the market. After moving to California, Dr. Kermit became a primary and urgent care physician treating more than 20,000 patients. He knows first-hand what we need to do to improve our health care system.

Dr. Kermit’s goals are clearly laid out on his website: He is committed to every American having equality and affordable healthcare. He’ll fight for a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. He’s committed to work for public health insurance options to drive down medical costs. He’ll support federal funding to increase the number of doctors and nurses in underserved rural areas and wants increased access to telemedicine health care and broadband to serve all communities.

He has expressed his disgust that too many patients are denied coverage by their insurance companies for life-saving screenings and medical treatments, while those same insurance companies make record profits and pay their executives millions of dollars in bonuses.

Dr. Kermit knows that billionaires and giant corporations, who pay no income tax, must pay their fair share of taxes. He’ll also fight to end tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas and instead bring those jobs home to invest in American manufacturing. Other issues he’ll tackle are common sense gun safety, wildfire management, the environment, veteran medical care, infrastructure, climate change, and more.

I checked out his opponent, Kevin Kiley: Kiley refuses to say Biden won the election. He opposes the right of women to make their own medical decisions. In August, he was one of only 7 members in the California Assembly who voted no to lower prescription drug prices. Not surprisingly, Kiley has received thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies. He voted no on a bill to provide more broadband to low-income communities and no on a “Bill of Rights for Foster Care Youth”. The LA times described legislation by Kiley as “disingenuous” and “fiction”.

Kiley believes climate change is real but opposes solutions to tackle the climate crisis and voted no on a California bill to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. He voted no for companies to mitigate their air emissions that affect disadvantaged communities. He is against federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, while receiving contributions from oil and gas companies.

Regarding guns, Kiley doesn’t support common sense gun safety laws, and voted against legislation that would raise taxes on guns and ammunition to pay for a new “Gun Violence Prevention” fund.

Kiley refused an invitation to speak at a forum by the League of Women Voters. Dr. Kermit accepted the invitation. Unfortunately the forum was cancelled, because it requires at least two people. Kiley also refuses all requests to debate Dr. Kermit. What is Kiley afraid of?

The Sacramento Bee endorses Dr. Kermit, saying “Fortunately, the region’s voters have another option, and a better one, in Dr. Kermit Jones, a former Navy flight surgeon and Iraq veteran brimming with thoughtful proposals on health care, wildfire resilience and more”

We need Dr. Kermit Jones. Please vote for him on November 8th

Julie Carville lives in Nevada City.


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