Joseph Reisdorf: LaMalfa — exactly what we don’t need |

Joseph Reisdorf: LaMalfa — exactly what we don’t need

If you follow political news, you may have had your fill of the bickering, animosity and demonization of those with contrary viewpoints that emanate from elected officials and pundits on all sides. It is overwhelming, disheartening and can leave one feeling empty and depressed.

Those of us who are a certain age can remember when the word “statesman” was used to describe some members of Congress. These individuals were recognized for their willingness and courage to seek common ground, work with the opposition and rise above partisan politics to get things done. They valued our basic ideals, and put the good of the country and the welfare of all Americans above party, above the interests of their big-money backers, and above their next election.

Sadly, now when we need statesmen the most, they have all left the field. Instead, we get exactly the opposite, and we need look no further than Doug LaMalfa’s most recent campaign email entitled “Do the Democrats control you?” In this email, LaMalfa demonized all Democrats with a broad brush, and specifically called them out for “catering to rioters, criminals and pedophiles.” That part made me stop because it made me wonder if LaMalfa is a follower of QAnon, or if he was attempting to appeal to those who are — and if so, why? I wrote to him asking for clarification. No response yet.

The basic message of this campaign email was similar to all the others I have received from him. Rather than describe what he has done for residents and businesses in our district, he attacks a faceless opposition — Democrats in general, liberals, leftists, or The Squad. I don’t recall him ever addressing why he is better suited to represent us than his opponent, or for that matter, anything positive.

Doug LaMalfa is exactly what we don’t need in Congress right now. It is time to end the strife and state of conflict that exists in Washington. Let’s send him packing.

Joseph Reisdorf lives in Nevada City.

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