Joseph Keeble: Needed: a candidate who actually cares about people and the planet |

Joseph Keeble: Needed: a candidate who actually cares about people and the planet

Wildfires all around us engulfing entire towns, people incinerated unable to escape fast-moving flames, record high temperatures, melting polar icecaps and glaciers, a record hurricane season and massive flooding, the list goes on and on.

Yet, the current administration has eliminated environmental protections and is opening up pristine wildernesses to exploitation and extraction. Burning more fossil fuels is not a solution. Climate change is not a Chinese hoax. But some people still think so, including Donald Trump.

At first, COVID-19 also was a Chinese hoax. Then, we were told it was no big deal and would go away. We now know the president knew how deadly the virus actually was and played it down. Health experts say tens of thousands of lives could have been saved had Donald Trump acted more responsibly.

In the meantime, the 643 wealthiest Americans have seen their wealth increase a combined $845 billion between March 18 and Sept. 15, an increase of 29%, while millions of people have lost their jobs and are barely hanging on. The fact that America has 4% of the world’s population, 21% of COVID-19 deaths and 25% of cases, speaks volumes to the Trump administration’s ineptitudes.

We have social unrest on an unprecedented scale with this administration’s rhetoric going so far as to encourage vigilantes to harass peaceful demonstrators. We saw this on our own streets.

The president calls them “patriots” but in reality they are just brown-shirt thugs trying to silence free speech. Trump’s tough talk and sending in unrequested unmarked federal troops in plain white vans into “Democrat” cities, purposely added fuel to the flames.

In fact, recently retired senior advisor Kellyanne Conway stated in reference to demonstrations, “The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is” for Trump, who is trying to deflect attention away from his many failures and position himself as the ‘law and order’ candidate and scaring people into voting for him.

Now we have the elections coming up with all of Trump’s false claims of election fraud, the sabotaging of the postal service, trying to discourage mail-in voting during the pandemic, and saying he ‘may not’ recognize the outcome should he lose.

Trump associate and convicted felon Roger Stone, has called for a declaration of marshal law because the election is rigged against Trump and should be cancelled before it even happens; reality TV taken to new heights.

Donald Trump is unfit and incapable of leading this country. That is pretty obvious by now to most people, save his acolytes, who somehow are able to ignore tens of thousands of lies, adultery, fraud, self enrichment on the taxpayer’s dime and the total lack of a moral compass beyond himself.

For confirmation, one need only go as far as the statements and revelations from former cabinet members, government officials, relatives, and associates; people who worked with Trump and know him best, who now support Joe Biden.

But for Californians the election isn’t really about Trump at all. Because of the outdated Electoral College, a vote for Trump doesn’t really count for anything. Trump will never win in California.

For Californians, the election is about Trump supporters, those who condone and support the grifters that occupy the Executive Branch of government.

Anybody running for the House or state Assembly or state Senate, to the county board of supervisors, city councils, school boards, fire districts, or any other elected position, should be asked one simple question, “Do you support Donald Trump?”

If the answer is anything but “no” they don’t deserve your vote. They are obviously either unable to discern fact from fiction or don’t care. Either way they are unfit to serve the public.

We need people at all levels of public service that understand the reality and severity of the problems we face and will make decisions based on facts and science, not tweets.

We need people who will unite us not divide us, who offer solutions not fear, and who care about the people and the planet more than politics. It is that simple and it starts at home.

Joseph Keeble lives in Nevada City.

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