John McDaniel: California — the worst state of all |

John McDaniel: California — the worst state of all

I am not surprised that the arguably worst state in the union has voted in a landslide to support Joe Biden. I have lived here for 41 of my 45 years on this earth. I was 5 years old in 1980 when Reagan was elected president, and I distinctly remember when Reagan was shot in 1981. I watched in terror as the news played the video.

As a 6 year old, I hung on every word of the newscaster’s replay and felt scared, troubled and insecure as I watched who I thought was the most powerful figure in the universe get shot. Since then, I have never been as scared about the state of America than I was prior to this election.

Sure, I have lived in California and watched cities I absolutely loved turn into cesspools full of urine, human waste and drug abuse, but I knew that here in our isolated small town, we may avert these messes. Since that day when I was 6 years old, I have learned about this country.

I learned about what makes it different from all others, the belief in the individual over the collective, the belief that all are created equal and that our personal outcome is solely based on how hard we work. Opportunity abounds in these United States, for all.

When I was in college, professors tried to indoctrinate me, as well as my classmates, spouting nonsense about how bad the United States was, how capitalism abuses workers yada yada yada. Simple questions rebuked these arguments easily.

Here are a few of the questions I asked myself: Why do so many people from all over the world want to come to the United States if we are so bad? If the United States is so incredibly morally deficient, how is it that its system of economics not only brought its own people out of poverty, but also helped people all over the globe? Where else can I be a faithful Catholic, freely and without fear?

So I didn’t buy it. I knew we in the United States had created something special. But then play out the story of California.

Ripe for Democratic Party ruin. The home of Big Tech (or should I say Big Censorship?), Big Government and a populous that fears having to take care of itself. San Francisco is a wasteland. Los Angeles is gross, filled with homeless camps, drugs and violence, but you won’t see that on the news.

The state full of a majority of citizens willing to take orders from Gavin Newsom (I realize there are a few free thinkers still out there), being told when to jump, how high to jump and when and where they can land. California is filled with people who have watched the fifth greatest world economy in danger of falling as it loses company after company to other states.

The schools are literally horrific. We are in massive debt. In a recent poll, as many as 60% of Californians have admitted to thinking about or making plans to leave the state. Problem is, Californians have a tendency to destroy that which is good and move on to other states, only to vote for people that will institute the same trash policies that caused them to move away from California in the first place.

Look at Arizona for a good example and parts of Texas, too. Arizona residents beg Californians to stay away. I would beg Californians to stay away, too. Somehow, out of all of the states in the union, California has it more wrong than any other state. Bad governance should have consequences. In California, we reward it.

I applaud those with the means to leave this state for greener pastures, and I look forward to joining you.

John McDaniel lives in Penn Valley.

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