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Joe Vielbig: Smart meters can cause health problems

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Joe Vielbig

Paula Orloff’s recent Other Voices on Smart Meters prompted me to tell our story and ask the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and Nevada City and Grass Valley city councils to ban Smart Meters in Nevada County.

PG&E claim: “Independent and leading international health experts have tested and determined this technology is safe.”

However: “A group of 40 international experts rebutted claims of no increase of cancer from exposure to low intensity EMFs.” In fact, “only a few studies reported no elevations of cancer and most were funded by the wireless industry.” A professor of nuclear policy at the University of California at Santa Cruz stated that these intense millisecond bursts can produce severe biological effects. Also a letter issued by the Board of the Academy of Environmental Medicine referred to an Australian Scientific Study of 92 case series that “clearly demonstrates adverse health effects in the human population from Smart Meter emissions.”

Now on to my story which reflects the professor’s statement — “can produce severe biological effects.” A Smart Meter was installed at our home on June 10, 2010. My wife has, for years, experienced occasional migraines, about one a month. After the installation of the Smart Meter she started experiencing more frequent and intense migraines. Finally, in 2013 I started keeping accurate track of her migraines – 55 in 2013 (up to nine in one month), 47 in 2014 (up to six in one month) and 13 in the first four months of 2015 (up to six in one month). We had the Smart Meter removed on May 6, 2015. Since then she experiences about one migraine a month — back to her experience before the Smart Meter was installed in 2010.

Before, during and after the Smart Meter experience we had no changes in our lifestyle nor were there any appliance or electronic devices changes or additions.

My PG&E contacts have been quite courteous and polite, but I have seen no follow up or actions taken. Months ago a PG&E supervisor said he would try to get some type of adjustment/relief to offset our $10 per month meter reading charge — never heard another word. Recently I tried to call the Opt Out Smart Phone 800 number to ask about the new monthly charge policy. I was on hold over 10 minutes in each of my four calls. I went to the local PG&E office and was given the phone number of an Opt Out Supervisor. I called regarding my question about the change in monthly charge policy (charging $10 per month even though the meter was only going to be read every other month) and if there could be a forgiveness on the charge since my wife has a health issue with the Smart Meter. He said he would get back to me about the first issue and he would contact another supervisor regarding the second forgiveness issue. It has been about two weeks and I have not heard from either person.

I close by requesting the government entities mentioned at the beginning to ban Smart Meters in Nevada County and have no increases in charges/billings by PG&E because of the ban.

Joe Vielbig lives in Grass Valley.


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