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Jo Ann Rebane: Treatment of LaMalfa at Grass Valley discussion shows no respect

Jo Ann Rebane

This is an open letter to all local leaders of the “Resistance” and “Indivisible” groups, Socialists, Greens, Progressives, Leftists, and Democrats:

Congressman LaMalfa held a community meeting Wednesday, Aug. 7, in the Grass Valley City Council chambers. The facility was packed with your comrades and followers. Those people turned the event into an example of how not to win friends or influence people. ‘

Sitting in the audience with strangers, I felt threatened by the hostile mob mentality displayed by the hate filled, impolite, and vitriolic demeanor and statements of your people. That the angry ones booed the congressman when he entered the room was a prelude to what followed.

Rude outbursts during the presentation of the colors and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance were shocking. It was obvious that many of the angry women who then spoke had been coached to parrot slogans and yell out rehearsed talking points. Sincere comments from a man in the audience were hooted down. People screamed “liar” in response to the Congressman’s views simply because they differed from the progressive playbook.

No one cared to actually ask for LaMalfa’s reasoning or to listen to it. Your people were consumed by their allegations of President Trump’s “racism” and “white nationalism.” But no one apologized for or denounced Vice President Biden’s talk about punching President Trump, or Sen. Cory Booker bragging about wanting to beat up Trump, or Sen. Kamala Harris’ desire to step out of an elevator leaving behind a dead President. Not one frenzied attendee at the town hall recognized that the recent left-wing mob scene in front of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s home where people chanted “cut his throat” and “stick a knife in his heart” was wrong.

In the midst of this the congressman remained polite, relaxed, calm, and willing to listen to each speaker. But I didn’t witness any respect or peaceful intent toward Congressman LaMalfa or toward people who held views similar to his.

Thank goodness our country is still a republic where the mob is not yet in charge of policy and not in charge of drafting laws. It is now more clear than ever that our progressives promote the mob rule of unbridled democracy. Count me out.

Jo Ann Rebane, who lives in Nevada City, is a member of The Union Editorial Board. Her views are her own and do not represent the views of The Union or its editorial board members.


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