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Jo Ann Rebane: How am I supposed to feel ’united’?

Jo Ann Rebane | Other Voices

I am a woman, white and a Christian. I have been married to my college sweetheart for six decades. I am the mother of two talented daughters and have been blessed with six grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

I exercise regularly and grow vegetables in the summer. I sit on local boards and support numerous charities. I am happily retired from fulfilling careers. My American roots trace back to our pilgrim forefathers and family legend includes an Indian maiden as one of my ancestors.

My political leanings are conservative. I am a registered Republican. I voted for Donald J. Trump for president, twice. I am one of 26,779 people in Nevada County, and one of more than 6 million in California, and one of 75 million in the country who voted for President Trump on Nov, 3, 2020.

I and people like me have been labeled “bitter clingers” by a past president and today are still called “deplorable, xenophobic, homophobic, etc.”

Today I and my kind are being deplatformed, banned from social media, canceled, censored, silenced, blacklisted, had our speech suppressed and our products boycotted.

People who voted for President Trump are being labeled sociopaths, sycophants, immoral, unpatriotic, political extremists, racist, white supremacists, cult followers, domestic terrorists, unstable, contemptable, conspiracy theorists, insurrectionists, seditionists, unforgivable, and enablers.

It has been recommended that people like me who voted for Trump belong on a list of villains who should not be hired, not be allowed to travel, and should be sent to re-education camps for deprograming.

I’m just not sure how calling me names, and gratuitously accusing me and people like me of all these transgressions will motivate or cause us to come together and feel “united,” or eager to follow the new president’s wishes.

Jo Ann Rebane lives in Nevada City and is a member of the Union Editorial Board.


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