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Jim Shook: America’s for all

I’m responding to a comment on Marjorie Bartlett’s “Other Voices” piece Oct. 31. I’m writing on Nov. 2. By the time this is seen, the election will be over. With all due respect and if Joe Biden is elected, these words may provide you some clarity and comfort.

Apparently, there will be no more saluting the flag, no more Pledge of Allegiance, if Joe Biden is elected? Really? Both sides of this equation have held the words you speak of near and dear since about 1892, when it was written. No one told me your side has an exclusive on the flag of the United States of America when I was in the Marine Corps many years ago. The flag belongs to all of us, and both sides have died honoring it.

The concerns indicate there will be boogeymen sweeping in from somewhere and teaching our children who knows what — and parents will have nothing to say. This is apparently based on what the Soviets, who are no longer, planned for us in the 1920s. I’m sure the 1932 book mentioned is a great read, as well, but I’ll stick to Patterson, I’m just not that deep.

Who has time to read anyway when there will be no more police, as they will all be defunded? We all know we need the police, we want the police. Yes, even Democrats! Honest. Most of us, even all but some misguided troublemakers, I dare say, respect the police, the sheriff’s deputies, the Highway Patrol and all law enforcement. They have a very hard job to do and most all do the job with care, compassion, a lot of patience and level-headedness. Those few officers who don’t need to be separated from service, period. And no, Democrats do not want buildings burnt down or stores looted. Those folks can go straight to jail.

It appears we may have no more doctors or medical research, either, thanks to President Joe. I know I would certainly leave a job paying a quarter million a year if a Democrat was elected. The docs will probably be flocking to get one of the seasonal jobs available in Salinas. Thankfully, I’m retired and not a doctor. That was a close one.

To make matters worse, the Democrats will take all our guns away and we will all be totally defenseless. Now hear this — that is never going to happen. Never. Ever. Our Ruger 9mms, our Colt Pythons, our S&W 38s, our deer rifles and shotguns will always be our right. And should be. “They” could not get these guns from us if they wanted to, but the point is, they don’t. Now if you are of the mind that you need an AK-47 for deer hunting, or a 50 caliber machine gun mounted on a Jeep CJ to cruise Mill Street, we may be entering into a gray area. Why is this so hard for some? I am a gun owner and I always will be, but I don’t need a tank in my front yard or a bazooka under my bed.

As far as the The Wall being torn down — is this the wall that will solve absolutely nothing but continue to waste our money? Obviously, the problem is we have neglected to give immigrants a legal and reasonable path to become workers and citizens. Emphasis here on reasonable. I am not a champion for these people, just an average Joe who can clearly see we need an expanded and improved system to allow access into the United States legally. Take immigrants’ pictures, get fingerprints, get family records if possible, require a sponsor, proof of a job within a month, etc. Those with criminal records, send them back — all OK by me. Currently, those trying to do it by the book and waiting years still don’t have a sure path. So they continue to sneak into the United States to do the jobs we won’t do anyway to feed their families. Wall or no wall.

Sheesh, I need a glass of good red wine.

Jim Shook lives in Nevada City.

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