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Jim Goetsch: Fascist USA? How about real facts and real proof?

Jim Goetsch
Other Voices

It never fails that, when an “Other Voices” contributor (Milan Vodicka, June 27) starts out with, “I try to be above the fray. Which is to say nonpartisan, respectful of all opinions and reasoning, even to the ones that were or are contrary to my own…,” that the substance of his article will attack those who fail to see things his way.

Mr. Vodicka remains true to that maxim by immediately attacking the president and “all of his mindless, heartless, and indeed, criminal followers.”

After stating that “the arbiter of my take on everything is the truth and truth only, validated by proof,” Mr. Vodicka’s only attempt at “proof” was to compare our separation of children from their parents at the Mexican border to a Nazi reprisal for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. Nothing like calling conservatives “Nazis!” That comparison really demonstrates “truth” and “proof,” according to Mr. Vodicka. How sad that he must resort to name-calling and Nazi comparisons to make his points!

It is my understanding that our immigration laws have instructed our presidents to stop illegal aliens at our borders and ensure that they are worthy to enter our country. Even though we separate our criminals from their children when we have them in detention, someone in the judiciary decided that children of illegal aliens should only be separated from their illegal parents for a maximum of 20 days. This was not a law put into place by our elected officials, but a result of the Flores Court Settlement, which was a judicial determination.

With the flood of illegal immigration and the necessary time it takes to sort out the facts, it is necessary to detain these people a lot longer than 20 days.

President Obama decided that the Flores Court Settlement was a good reason for releasing the adults rather than separating them from their children. They were given court dates and have so far mostly failed to show up. In effect, President Obama failed to execute the laws that we the people, through our representatives in Congress, put in place to detain illegal aliens.

To carry out the will of the people (as expressed in our laws), President Trump has two choices: 1) separate the children from their illegal parents after 20 days, or 2) keep the children with their parents in detention. Letting the family into our country with a future court date has not been working; so that’s not a viable option. Now we have liberals, who were fine with President Obama’s flouting the law, and who never questioned how the children were being treated, suddenly accuse President Trump of being responsible for “crimes against humanity.”

What complicates the problem is that many of the children have no parents or there is little proof that children belong to the adults who are claiming them. With the flood of illegal immigration and the necessary time it takes to sort out the facts, it is necessary to detain these people a lot longer than 20 days. I would argue that parents who cross the border illegally with children, or who send children alone across the border, are guilty of “crimes against humanity.” What responsible parents would not turn back at the border to prevent being separated from their children?

What we really know is that Democrats-liberals-progressives need an issue to vilify Trump to get elected in November. They were not successful in bringing President Trump down with the Stormy Daniels issue; so, now they have found a “guaranteed” issue to separate President Trump from his followers.

They are willing to ignore the fact that Congress has a duty to act; so that our Executive branch of the government can stop making up laws on its own. Apparently, Democrats-liberals- progressives were fine with President Obama making up his own laws and deciding which congressional laws he would execute, and now they want President Trump to ignore our laws as President Obama did. Our congressional representatives want an issue for the mid-term elections not a congressional solution to the problem.

Since Mr. Vodicka has failed to examine the situation critically and is relying on his emotional example of Nazi atrocities to condemn at least half the country, he has failed in his “staying above the fray” and in providing any “proof” for his version of the “truth.”

How refreshing it would be if those who attack the current President would provide real facts and real proof to back up those facts. Please note that I have done no name-calling in this editorial and I would invite all “Other Voices” writers to do the same.

Jim Goetsch lives in Lake of the Pines.

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