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Jill Baker: Fearful of COVID-19? Time to build your immune system


It is amazing to me that after over a full year of dealing with COVID-19, there is still so much hysteria and fear mongering and very little basic information provided on what each of us can personally do to minimize any risk of contracting the disease. Without getting into what political agendas may or may not be at play, and regardless of how you feel about lock downs, masks or vaccines, the one subject that is glaringly missing in the narrative that should be “front and center” is that of how to build your immune system. That is everything!

Focusing on building a healthy immune system would do much to calm our fears and empower those who feel like they don’t have any degree of control over their own lives in a world that has gone completely insane. Building our immune systems is the single most important thing that people can individually work on to protect themselves during any health crisis of this magnitude. While there are a number of cures for COVID-19 being discussed on the internet for those who take the time to research them through non-biased search engines, there is minimal on the subject of how to avoid getting sick in the first place. It is a long overdue discussion in a country that has been dominated by Big Pharma for decades.

Not only do I see very few articles on the subject, I have not heard anything helpful on the subject from our Nevada County Public Health Department. Sadly the County Health website is little more than a politically correct propaganda platform. It appears to have a strong agenda to perpetuate the status quo of mask wearing, social distancing and vaccinating, while basically keeping our community paralyzed. Other than offering some general classes on healthy living, it has no real scientific information on this virus, on viruses in general, or on how to keep yourself healthy and resistant to infection. Since the Nevada County Board of Supervisors (BOS) has little choice but to rely on Health Department recommendations, this prevents the BOS from being able to open businesses in good conscience and guide our community back to some degree of normalcy. I would very much like to see the BOS direct the Health Department to provide the public with meaningful health information that would arm us against the pandemic and provide the tools necessary to greatly reduce the risk of this and any other viral infection (sorry boys, masks won’t cut it!).

In such critical times, the Public Health Department should be leading the way on education programs that are based on science with knowledgeable speakers that are familiar with the “new biology” to inform and inspire us to move out of this crisis driven and bizarre mode of operation and into a healthy, stable community.

To anyone reading this that truly wants to take your power back, it is time to educate yourselves on the subject. In doing so, research the subject of viruses. If you do, you will find that the 100 year old “Germ Theory” of illness is outdated and wrong. New science tells us that that much like the discovery that there are both good bacteria (probiotics) and bad bacteria, viruses are similar. Viruses are essential to our health, in fact, we would not be alive without them. The key to good health is keeping your system in balance. Understanding a little about viruses and how they work, will help you realize that seeing healthy people not wearing masks is nothing to be fearful of.

In conclusion I have to say that this is not the right way to be dealing with any pandemic and it certainly isn’t the right way to be bringing up our kids. Nevada County has a large population of people who are knowledgeable about health, and this county should be at the forefront of leading the way to COVID-19 free living in this country.

Jill Baker lives in Grass Valley.

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