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Jerry Martin: Two catastrophic lies

Jerry Martin
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We Americans are living in a time when truth is being overwhelmed by lies. Policies are now based on these lies and, unfortunately, enough people believe these falsehoods so these very destructive policies are allowed to determine our nation’s current actions. Americans need to refute these lies so people in power start acting responsibly by correcting the huge problems these deceptions are causing.

The first untruth I’ll call the “Slippery Slope” lie. Many citizen gun owners, largely decent, peace loving people, believe this lie. This lie is propagated by Trump, the NRA, gun manufacturers and politicians who fear election loss if they tell the truth. The lie says if we allow military assault rifles and large magazines to be outlawed, soon other guns will be taken and eventually citizens will have no guns at all. This Slippery Slope lie says that anti-gun legislation will eventually revoke the Second Amendment, the secret intention of all left-wingers, who are communistic, socialistic, Marxist traitors. Further, this lie concludes that left-wingers plan to disarm patriotic Americans so communism (or some other feared and hated ideology) can dominate America.

In truth, responsible people recognize that military assault rifles with large magazines have no place in civilized society and are only used by mass murderers as a weapon of choice. Hunters don’t use them and people don’t need them to protect their families and homes. Assault rifles are designed for war, when killing large numbers of enemy soldiers is advantageous. Only mass killers find them useful.

But the Slippery Slope lie has convinced many Americans that to correct this problem by making assault rifles illegal and the government buying them back, (at a reasonable price), is deceitful, not what it’s purported to be.

We need responsible politicians and business people to speak up and call out these obvious lies.

So we are stuck with a problem that could be solved if this lie were not told and not believed. No one wants to eliminate all guns. We just want to remove inappropriate, highly destructive weapons of war, which could be done over a few years. Thank goodness other military weaponry, such as hand grenades and bazookas, are very rare in civilian society.

The second lie is that man-made climate change is a hoax. Again, Trump, along with the petroleum and coal industries, tell this lie, which they know is untrue, but is necessary for economic reasons. Millions of people are employed by these industries, which have been essential energy providers for well over 100 years. But now the pollution that fossil fuels causes is rapidly exacting a large cost to all life. If not corrected soon, future generations will live unsustainable lives of danger, when life on Earth can no longer exist. This short term tactic is preventing any long term corrective strategy.

Over 90% of scientists have been saying for decades that our atmosphere is warming due to man-made green house gasses accumulating around Earth, holding in too much heat so that rising temperatures are causing disastrous consequences. Climate deniers claim that climates have always changed, and this is just another natural event not caused by humanity’s irresponsible use of fossil fuels. They say that recent extreme hurricanes, flooding, droughts and stifling temperatures felt world wide, record setting in recent decades, are an inevitable result of recurring natural events. They claim that CO2 and other man made gasses are not responsible. They don’t distinguish between weather and climate and point to unusual cold spells as proof the Earth is not warming. Meanwhile, these industries make money, many people are employed, and we watch helplessly as Earth’s future is threatened.

These deniers refuse to recognize that natural climate changes in the past happened over hundreds or thousands of years, while this climate change is unnaturally fast, proving it is man-made. Their denial of the obvious, while expedient, is immature, irresponsible and totally mercenary. Failing to stop this destruction, and contributing to it, is humanity’s suicide. Sorry, children, we went with a lie.

I recommend a few billionaires build factories to produce improved batteries, solar panels, wind mills and electric vehicles to employ the people whose jobs in fossil fuels must end. These billionaires could also research new sources of renewable energy. Government and private money must work together.

We need responsible politicians and business people to speak up and call out these obvious lies. If they don’t, they should be voted out of office or fired. History of 2019, written in the future, will condemn these immoralities.

Jerry Martin lives in Grass Valley.

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