Jerry Henderson: Let’s focus on local issues, not the back and forth of politics |

Jerry Henderson: Let’s focus on local issues, not the back and forth of politics

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Jerry Henderson

I want The Union to become a bigger player in promoting community unity. To start this process, The Union should only publish “opinion” pieces and “letters to the editor” that deal with local issues.

I’m tired of the letter battles between pro-Trump and anti-Trump people. None of these letters will change the minds of people on how they feel about Trump. So why bother? Rather, let’s focus on issues that concern us locally.

The proposed Centennial Dam is a perfect example. I’d like more reporting on this issue. I’d like to read more comments on the dam from the public and NID officials. This proposed dam would have a huge impact on all of us. Only if citizens are well informed can we decide if this dam is a good or bad idea.

The lack of housing was discussed at a recent Economic Resource Council conference. It would be interesting to know what developments have been approved, some were approved years ago and what are the developers plans for moving ahead with their approved projects? The Loma Rica proposed development is a perfect example. What is its status? How would these approved and pending developments affect the housing balance in western Nevada County? The Union recently had a update on projects in the pipeline. Please do more of this reporting on a regular basis.

We are surrounded by U.S. Forest Service land. How that agency manages its land affects us all. A monthly report from the Forest Service would be beneficial. I would like to know what the Board of Supervisors is up to. The chair of the board should provide a monthly report to The Union on what actions the board has taken or has proposed. Does the board work off a plan or vision that guides them in their governing of the county?

What are our elected representatives doing at the state and federal level? What legislation have they introduced, how did they voted on bills? The mayors of our cities should provide a monthly report on the issues facing their cities. Some of this is covered by The Union on a random basis. Reading these reports would keep citizens better informed on what’s happening on the government level. The reports would help me make decisions about when and how to get involved in issues that concern me.

The bottom line here is to be a real local paper. Publish information on local issues that will help The Union readers make informed decisions on local issues.

Jerry Henderson lives in Grass Valley.

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