Jerry Eason: Be very afraid, Joe |

Jerry Eason: Be very afraid, Joe

Another look at the election results:

We are enjoying one of the greatest economies ever, in spite of the virus. We are enjoying a time of little to no terrorist attacks. Trade agreements with China, Mexico, Canada and others have begun to even out our trade deficits. North Korea is quiet. Illegal border crossing is down considerably.

These are but a few examples of what President Trump has accomplished in four years. So we have an election that could have continued this trend of rebuilding our great country, but progressive, liberal, socialist Democrats have chosen to flush it all away.

No president has ever been hated as much as Donald Trump. When I have asked a Democrat why they hate him so, they never give an answer. They ramble on and on about his tweets, claim he is a racist, a homophobe, even God forbid a conservative.

The reason is they have bought into the media hype that he is a bad man. The media has been pouring the Kool-Aid since 2016 and the easily swayed have been drinking it by the bucket.

Corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle, as well as the corrupt media, had to assure President Trump did not get reelected. They knew if he did, he and Attorney General Barr would drop indictments for corruption and other crimes in their laps during the next four years.

They are terrified of this and had to get him out of office any way they could. Using unconstitutional or illegal means were acceptable as long as they worked.

They would deal with any issues once they controlled the White House. The big push for gun control began many years ago. It really caught on fire when Clinton was in office.

Anti-gun socialists have been telling us that it is for our own safety, and the safety of children. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their goal is to remove all guns from American citizens as they pose the greatest threat to their socialist agenda.

No one is happier with the election results than Russia, China, Mexico and North Korea. They know they can mold Joe to their liking. But Joe better be afraid, very afraid, because the grand plan is for Kamala to be president, and the stage is set.

Jerry Eason lives in Penn Valley.

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