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Jeff Loberg: Schumer, Pelosi responsible for shutdown

Jeff Loberg
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The hot topic lately has been the government shutdown because of Trump’s refusal to negotiate if a border wall is not part of the discussion.

But the reality is that Schumer and Pelosi should be directly blamed for putting 800,000 federal employees on furlough with no income.

Six years ago Chuck Schumer celebrated the addition of 640 miles of barrier at our southern border under President Obama as a means of border security. The only thing that has changed is our current president campaigned on a wall for security and Schumer, like a juvenile sore loser, refuses to give Trump a victory on this subject.

I applaud the president for standing firm, as he is the only chief executive to regard America’s security as so vitally important.

We have barriers around all kinds of things; prisons, maintenance yards, rich people’s homes (some of whom are in Congress), schools, etc. Should we remove these barriers in favor of newer technologies as some have suggested? Sure a wall or barrier is not 100 percent fool proof, but it is a deterrent that border agents say is easier to patrol than a porous barbed wire fence. Five billion dollars is a small fraction to lay out on sensible additional protection compared to what is spent on processing illegal immigrant activities.

Democrats didn’t bat an eye when Obama gave the chief sponsor of terrorism, Iran, over $100 million in cash for no good reason.

But they have a problem with a far smaller amount to help make America safe? Only one side is right, and that’s Trump’s.

Jeff Loberg lives in Penn Valley.


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