Jeff Loberg: California — The failures of one-party rule |

Jeff Loberg: California — The failures of one-party rule

The ineptness of the Democrat Party knows no bounds. First, nationally, we have clueless Joe Biden and his minions ruining our economy, raising our unemployment rate, failing when it comes to COVID-19, and slapping the faces of the families whose loved ones either died or were severely wounded in their efforts in Afghanistan.

By allowing the U.S. to withdraw from the fight, he has created a vacuum for the Taliban and Al Qaeda to claim and celebrate victory over America at the time we’ll commemorate one of our darkest days — the 911 terrorist attacks.

His administration has completely failed at the border and endangers our entire population with his willingness to allow “undocumented” migrants into our country without COVID-19 testing and then, for the ones he doesn’t have in small cages, putting them on planes to everywhere within our borders to unleash their diseases.

And Kamala Harris can take a lot of the blame for this as well. She has proven to be completely useless. The Democrats seem more concerned in further bankrupting our country with their senseless $5 trillion-plus budget buster to somehow rework our infrastructure. Yes infrastructure projects need to be done, but to harness the American taxpayer with this much debt is reckless and overbearing.

And at the state level things are no better. As California burns, the lights go out, and the water depletes, Gov. Gavin Newsom prioritizes the train no one will ride that goes nowhere anyone wants to go. While his kids continue to attend in-person schooling at a private school, our kids that are not so fortunate are faced with the very real possibility of once again losing another year of learning by being shut out of their public schools due to his mishandling of the pandemic. Newsom attends at least one dinner at a swanky restaurant mask-less while insisting everyone else don the face diaper indoors.

Water storage and electricity generation seem to be issues Democrats couldn’t care less about in favor of bending over backward to please Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They would rather defund police agencies than engage in sensible forest management or come up with real world solutions for the massive homeless problem in our state.

And Newsom continues to take campaign donations from corporations like PG&E and agencies like the Public Utilities Commission. The upcoming recall election is only a start in correcting California.

Dispatching Newsom is only the beginning. To make effective real change in California, the make-up of the state Assembly and the state Senate must be overhauled, and statewide elected offices need to be changed.

In California, the Democrat Party has held control of the Assembly for all but two years (in the ’90s) since the full-time Legislature was adopted in the ’50s. The Senate has been under Democrat rule forever.

And where has it gotten us? The highest taxes in the country, highest insurance rates, worst roads, highest cost of living, schooling success rates near the worst in the country while spending more per student than nearly every other state.

Real change occurs when partisans finally see the failures of one-party rule and actually vote for practicality rather than party as if it’s some kind of family tradition. Get rid of Newsom, then vote out the super-majority, as well.

Jeff Loberg lives in Penn Valley.

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