Ingegerd Hjord: We share some common ground |

Ingegerd Hjord: We share some common ground

Thank you, Jo Ann Rebane, for posing the question: “How am I supposed to feel united?“ in your letter to the editor. I had to think about this and after reflection these are my thoughts that I want to share with you. I start by doing an honest inventory of myself.

Here it is: I am a woman who happened to be born with white skin and am an atheist. I have been married for five decades to the same man. I have two talented daughters and a talented son and I have four beautiful grandchildren, three living in this country. I exercise daily, and I wish I did grow vegetables in the summer, but I don’t.

I’m not on any boards, but I’m supporting local causes as a foot soldier when called upon. My American roots trace back to 1994, when my family emigrated to the USA.

I’ve called myself a social Democrat since I was a teenager and in this country I’m a registered Democrat. I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I and people like me are called all sorts of names too, some are the same names as you are called and some different, but the meaning is clear: I’m not wanted in this country. I should go back from where I came.

When I became a citizen of the USA, the judge who chaired the proceedings of swearing us in (me and 100 more newcomers) told us to not let anyone have us believe we are less of a citizen than those who can trace their American roots back to the first Europeans to set foot on this continent. So I don’t.

Instead I’m trying to find what unites us. I’m not eager to follow the new president’s wishes. I’m eager to do what it takes to make this country livable for all its citizens.

Since I am a self-proclaimed radical leftist who is anti-fascism in any shape or form, from the left or the right, I’m inviting people to have opinions about me. I can handle that most of the time, but sometimes I feel as hurt as I believe you were when you wrote your commentary for The Union.

I always read what you publish in the Union, and many times out of habit I tend to disagree with you. Today it was different. There’s so much that unites us and I wanted to share that with you. Although we come from different ends of the political spectrum, we share the frustration but also the hope of our common welfare first.

Ingegerd Hjord lives in Nevada City.

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