Howard Levine: Grass Valley needs Measure E |

Howard Levine: Grass Valley needs Measure E

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Howard Levine

For over 40 years I have participated in the process of governing the City of Grass Valley.

I sat in the audience at City Council and Planning Commission meetings many times by myself, watching and discussing the future of Grass Valley. I watched as discussions were made on The Pine Creek Shopping Center, Morgan Ranch, Whispering Pines, Scotia Pines, Brighton Greens and the Grass Valley Police Department. This, all before I was appointed to the Planning Commission by the honorable Bill Hullender. As a commissioner, I was finally in the process, and learned what it was like to sit at the dais and be a part of the decision making.

I worked on the Nevada County General Plan, the Grass Valley General Plan, specific plans for areas of town and everyday problems of property owners. I bought historic buildings in downtown and learned more about what it is like to own historic properties in a commercial district. As the executive director of the Grass Valley Downtown Association I have done events, worked with over 40 nonprofits, all the 250 plus businesses in Downtown Grass Valley, the City of Grass Valley including Police, Fire and Public Works. As a City Council member, and now mayor, I have even another perspective on the fundamental workings of our city.

I know that Measure E and Measure N will be and has been the foundation of making our city a better place for our residents, for the greater community and for the future. We have stabilized our city with the hiring and retention of police and fire employees, and we will be able to fund them in the future. We have replaced and set up a system to keep our equipment up to date. We have begun to fix our roads, sidewalks and ADA accessibility. We have improved access to the parks. The city has interacted via intervention teams with major problems on private and public properties. We have reviewed and adapted regulations to improve fire security and directed teams to continue to reduce risk.

Our community can only sustain what we have done so far, and continue to do, with your yes vote on Measure E.

I am proud that we have used our citizen oversight committee to help direct and respond to how we spend the money dedicated to the issues. That will continue. The income is accounted for as a separate budget area and reported publicly. It is available at City Hall and on the City’s website.

Our community can only sustain what we have done so far, and continue to do, with your yes vote on Measure E. Help us continue to better our parks, provide better response service by providing EMTs on our fire trucks, add additional police officers to make our city safer, and create the future we want for our children and ourselves. We cannot do this without the added support of this tax measure. We run a very lean, organized program at City Hall and these funds will go to the specific areas of need.

My experience as outlined above gives me the knowledge of our past and the vision for our future. But it’s not about me, it’s about our community — to continue to improve, we need Measure E. Please vote yes on Measure E.

Howard Levine is mayor of the City of Grass Valley.

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