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Holly Rose: Where did they get my name as a ‘supporter’?

Holly Rose | Other Voices

Alan Riquelmy has a clever headline for his July 12 article: “Panning for support for the mine; Rise Gold and advocates spar over level of opposition to plans to reopen Idaho-Maryland.”

But there are errors and omissions.

“Other mine opponents claimed their email addresses had been used to submit comments in favor of the mine.”

“‘Not just once,’ said Sharon Delgado, ‘but three times.’”

I’m not “claiming” they used my information. They did. I presented five actual emails to each supervisor at the meeting. I believe they were also provided to Alan prior to the meeting.

There are many people that Rise is claiming supports them, not just Sharon Delgado and myself, that are documented signers of the no mine petitions. MineWatch has the exact number — nine, I believe they said, each probably having more than one entry. I would think mine supporters would want to follow up that they don’t have fraudulent support letters/comments. They can check with MineWatchNC.

Jarryd Gonzales, spokesman for the Idaho-Maryland Mine project, said duplicate comments exist on both sides of the mine issue.

Those numbers were taken from the county,” he added, noting that 56% of the comments favored the mine. “What you’ll find is there are more duplicates on the side of CEA or MineWatch.”

Concerning opponents’ emails being used in support of the mine, Gonzales said an email was sent to the county whenever someone visited the project website and completed a support form.

Documentation shows Rise’s numbers should be the only ones in question. I guarantee I never completed a support form and Rise’s numbers still include their duplicates and fictitious emails, not MineWatch’s. With everything presented at the meeting, how did Alan get it so backwards?

MineWatch has meticulously gone through and deleted all duplicates so their numbers are accurate.

That was stated at the meeting and specifically told to Alan, I believe.

Rise’s July 29 press release says it has 59% support. The article states Mr. Gonzales is now claiming 56%. Is Rise actually changing their numbers or was that a typo?

I was relieved to let the Board of Supervisors know what Rise is up to and was told The Union reporter was going to cover it.

People need to know that our email information and addresses are being fraudulently used in Rise’s numbers and we have no idea how many are fake.

They somehow have my residence address, which I don’t give out, except for voter registration. It’s not rocket science to figure out that support numbers Rise claims are incorrect.

Holly Rose lives in Grass Valley.


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