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Hits & Misses in Nevada County: More MISSES than HITS for PG&E

HIT (from reader Phil Reinheimer): PG&E turns the power back on Thursday after two days off …

MISS (from Reinheimer): PG&E gives a recorded message Thursday night: “Just kidding we’re turning you back off in 48 hours!”

MISS (from Reinheimer): PG&E live operator can’t confirm or deny any updates.

MISS (from Reinheimer): PG&E refuses to pick up any of the spoiled food …

Miss (from Reinheimer): PG&E won’t credit any losses on our next billing.

HIT (from Reinheimer): SMUD has no cutoffs; and another HIT to any prospect at all of it coming to Nevada County!

HIT (from reader Dianne Marshall): To all the stop signs posted around in the absence of working traffic lights during this power outage. Also all the courteous drivers who stop at intersections that don’t have a working stoplight or a stop sign.

HIT (from reader Rick Kraus): It wasn’t more than a month ago in this very space that I lamented the poor road condition of upper Neal Street. Can I now take all the credit because they repaved the street yesterday? I think not because they are actually repaving all of the streets in the area. Hurray! And as long as they don’t begin adding speed bumps to those streets we’ll be in good shape. Try driving around Sacramento and you’ll know what I mean.

HIT (from reader George Carter): To Habitat’s colorful 16-home Heritage Oaks community dedicating the last in this development on Saturday at 210 Green Mountain Loop, Grass Valley, just off Whiting.

HIT (from reader Bonnie Smart): Thanks to Caltrans for placing generators at Highway 49 signals during the PG&E power outage. Not only the generators, but a Caltrans worker sat there refilling it and keeping it from being stolen. Thanks for thinking of the community’s safety! (In Auburn, the signals became four-way stops)

HIT (from Smart): To neighbors working together during the PG&E power outage. On our street, we took turns running to Roseville for ice and shared a generator.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): To life during PG&E power shutoffs. Not knowing when the power will shut off or when it will come back on means one can’t make plans for their day. Should I forgo doing errands and stay home? Will shops or the bank be open? Should I use the car or conserve what gas I have? Does my doctor/dentist have power? We’re getting “cabin fever.”

HIT (from Rebane): To those businesses which have been able to stay open (using expensive-to-operate generators) during these power shutoffs. It will be interesting to tally up their costs of doing business in October. It will also be interesting to figure out the losses suffered by businesses which had to close and the lost wages of their employees. How will the distress or worse of those with health problems be calculated?

HIT (from Editorial Board member Rick Nolle): To the local Rotary clubs for their fundraising events to help eradicate polio worldwide. The specific activities were:

Penn Valley (Short term victim of PG&E): Is working to reschedule with Players Pizza due to power not returning until the last minute. Stay tuned … another pizza for polio night soon!

49er Breakfast: Successful evening at Grass Valley Brewing … packed house.

Grass Valley: Fun time and lots of beer and food at 1849 Brewery.

Grass Valley South: Family and friends ate pizza at Round Table pizza.

Nevada City: Gave polio the boot with a 3-mile hike around Nevada City early Thursday morning with lots of signs.

Thanks to everyone that participated. The funds raised go to a great cause.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Paul Matson): The Community Resource Center at the Nevada City Elks Lodge is great. In the midst of the confusion, complications and disruptions, this facility has a lot to offer. On arriving you are offered a free package of battery chargers (for home use later), a flash light with extra batteries and a solar light. The tent was filled with friends and neighbors charging up, checking email and conducting business. 211 Connecting Point noted available services, coloring books and crayons were there for the kids, plus a nice array of snacks, bottled water, coffee and tea. It is an important and needed oasis to help us get through these challenging times.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Shanti Emerson): To the Nevada City Elks for providing a space for people to come and relax and charge the batteries of their devices.

MISS (from Emerson): To outage outrage! Cool it people!

HIT (from Emerson): To the 20th anniversary of the Altar Show Renewal and Remembrance at the Fairgrounds until Nov. 3. There are many wonderful displays by talented Nevada County Altaristas.

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