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Hits & Misses in Nevada County: Mardi Gras once again a HIT in Nevada City

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to editboard@theunion.com.

HIT (from Editorial Board members Paul Matson and Shanti Emerson): Here’s to this year’s Mardi Gras parade! “Snowed out” last year, the revelers were so ready to march on this perfect, sunny, 2020 day. The parade route was packed. The brainchild of Nevada City’s David Parker, it was originally dubbed Joe Cain Day 28 years ago. From the presentation of the colors by VFW Post 2655 to the street party/dance/concert that ensued as a finale, it was festive, beautiful and fun. King Dave Robinson, Queen Stacy Robinson, Grand Marshall Mikail Graham, Duke Bill Holman and Duchess Francene Holland were decked out appropriately. The Nevada City Chamber of Commerce did a great job in producing this family friendly event with Pat Dyer announcing.

HIT (from Matson): To a fine photo shoot of the Mardi Gras Parade. If you’d like to check out for yourself some of the colorful parade marchers, please visit Andy Wright’s link to his parade photos: http://www.lighthawkphoto.com

HIT (from Emerson): To my first time to walk Tribute Trail, which is beautifully maintained. Shows the Nevada City folks take pride in their natural assets.

HIT (from Emerson): To the beautifully newly paved and striped streets of Grass Valley. It’s a pleasure to drive on them.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): To the failing quality of service from the Nevada City post office. Deliveries are very late, often way after dark. Mail is miss-delivered to the wrong addressee regularly. Mail comes ripped and damaged. What is happening there? The post master hasn’t given any explanation or reasons. Are the scanners broken, the trucks coming in late from the sorting centers, are there too many new employees unfamiliar with our names and our streets, is morale poor?

MISS (from Rebane): To tolerating the homeless mess in Nevada County. Why is it OK for certain people to break into grocery store deliveries or steal food? Why is it OK for some to trespass and camp on private land? Why is it OK for the homeless to defecate in the bushes around restaurants and stores? Why is such behavior tolerated? Why aren’t there uncomfortable consequences for this illegal behavior? Such a policy will not end well.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Susan Rogers): To our Rep. Doug LaMalfa for voting against H.J. Resolution 79 to lift the deadline to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. All except five Republican House members voted against this bill that could clear a path for finally giving women equal protection under the law. The bill passed anyway but is unlikely to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate. To find out why LaMalfa wouldn’t make even a symbolic effort to support equal rights for women, call his office at 202-225-3076 and ask to be mailed a letter of explanation. While no less than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggests the state ratification process needs to start all over again, isn’t it time to look for reasons to get this amendment ratified, rather than reasons against? It’s laughable that Republicans, who have bent so many rules in the past three years, are arguing that “the rules need to be followed.”

HIT (from Editorial Board member Dick Tracy): To whichever presidential candidate can guarantee “Robocalls” will stop the first day they are in office: You have our vote!

HIT (from Tracy): To area NASCAR drivers Matt DiBenedetto (formerly of Grass Valley) and Kyle Larson (Elk Grove) for coming through the accident-plagued Daytona 500 unscathed!

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