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Hits & Misses in Nevada County: League of Women Voters candidate forums a HIT

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to editboard@theunion.com.

MISS (from reader Dennis Babson): If this global warming gets any worse we’re all going to freeze to death! Brrrrrrrrr!

HIT (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): To well-attended candidate forums produced by the League of Women Voters.

MISS (from Rebane): To repetitious questions asked at the District 1 candidates forum. None of the four media representatives were able to adjust and come up with new topics instead of sticking to their preplanned questions. Similarly, the folks screening questions from the audience also failed to adjust and offer questions different from those of the media. Surely there was more to learn about the candidates’ thoughts besides their thinking on homeless problems, fire safety, difficulty building, and lack of broadband in the county.

MISS/HIT (from Rebane): We’ll miss Big 1 Appliance and the Dollar Deluxe Store and wish owner David DuPell well as he closes both stores to retire. We welcome Goodwill Industries as it plans to open a retail shop in that space.

HIT (from Rebane): To Off Broadstreet and its zany current production of Johnny Gough in Costa Rica. As always you’ll be surprised at how familiar tunes enrich the story line. Owner John Driscoll even makes a cameo appearance.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Paul Matson): To the Spenceville Wildlife Area working to increase needed regeneration of California Blue Oaks. Nevada County’s Douglas McCreary developed the metal cage that increased its survival rate from 5% to 85%. Recently the Friends of Spenceville placed metal cages over dozens of very young trees which will remain “caged” for six years. Project coordinator is Mark Carroll, Department of Fish and Wildlife, manager of Spenceville’s 11,500 acres. The cages were built by Boy Scouts. The Friends of Spenceville also conducts water quality monitoring, roadside trash removal and guided hikes. If you are interested in joining in please check out the “Current Notes” section at Spenceville.org for their contact information.

HIT (from Matson): And here’s to Doug McCreary (1945-2018), who made oak tree regeneration his passion and priority. With a BA in Economics from UC Riverside, plus a Master’s Degree and PHD in forest science from Oregon State University, he was well qualified. Doug spearheaded oak tree regeneration from the University of California’s Sierra Foothill Research Center near Smartsville. This disappearing tree’s acorns are an important wildlife food source. Its nemeses include grazing cattle, wild pigs, and deer. Following the 1988 49er Fire Doug organized Project Acorn, and with many volunteers, they planted 5,000 acorns. Five hundred of them made it. He lectured, he wrote, he planted and he protected our foothill oaks. Thank you Doug.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Shanti Emerson): To all the people who are more loyal to their political party than their country! People who don’t want to listen to the other side and don’t care to forge compromises that include input from others with different viewpoints.

HIT (from Emerson): To the Composers Concert, poetry in song. To the young songwriters and the vocalists who sang their songs and the musicians who accompanied the singers at a magnificent concert at Peace Lutheran Church. To Mark Vance who inspires these young people to their highest potential. These youths are a part of the wonderful future of Nevada County.

HIT (from Emerson): To the Nevada County Democrats sponsored debate with candidates Heidi Hall, Deborah Wilder and Michael Taylor participating. hanks especially to the witty emcee YubaNet’s, Pascale Fusshoeller.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Susan Rogers): To the 10th annual Sierra Harvest Sustainable Food & Farm Conference, coming Feb. 7-9 in Grass Valley. Featuring internationally recognized, dynamic speakers, the mission of the conference includes inspiring and motivating our community members to become active in our local food and farm movement. Find more information at http://www.FoodAndFarmConference.com.

MISS (from Susan Rogers): To this country’s dysfunctional election system, which has most of California’s primary ballots being mailed out the same day of the Iowa caucuses. This means that the candidates who drop out after Iowa will still be on the California ballot, sure to get votes that will be essentially wasted and changing the way the California primary would have turned out otherwise.

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