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Hits & Misses: Miss to Measure V on the ballot

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits & Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to editboard@theunion.com.

MISS (from reader Jim Partidos): to Measure V on the ballot, the Fire Prevention Tax, has the money going into the general fund with no guarantee the funds would be used explicitly for fire prevention.

HIT (from Partidos): Why not take the 5 cent recycle fee on beverage bottles and apply it specifically to the Fire Prevention Fund. We are still charged a deposit on bottled beverages but there is no place to turn in the bottles for cash.

HIT (from reader Dennis Babson): Thank you Rocklin for allowing Trader Joe’s to open a new store at the northwest corner of I80 and Sierra College Blvd.! Their 1 year anniversary is next month. Unfortunately, this may be the closest they get to Nevada County any time soon.

MISS (from Babson): City of Auburn for giving a cold shoulder to Trader Joe’s and Costco to open stores further up the hill.

HIT (from Babson): To Terry McLaughin’s article on Ken Starr. Thank you for letting me know about this amazing individual. Terry’s articles are alwlays well written and researched.

HIT (from reader Cynthia Hren): for Mark Meuser, candidate for U.S. Senate, as a constitutional attorney Mark is involved in over 30 lawsuits against our corrupt government overreach by stopping unelected bureaucrats from dictating our lives. As a political outsider, Mark fights for our rights and has the energy, integrity and leadership to represent Californians as a United States Senator.

MISS (from reader Dorothy Murphy): Using the Hits and Misses column to plug candidates for the upcoming elections. It’s taking all the fun out of what is ordinarily an entertaining part of Thursday’s Union. Write a letter to the editor for election endorsements.

HIT (from reader Rich Howell): Kudos to Paul C Hauck for his patient, and eminently correct, deconstruction of Thea Hood’s column on “Modern Tribalism.” This is not the only time that Ms. Hood has bent her conception of tribalism to fit her heavily negative and biased interpretation of America with a Democratic president. The time has come for every person, red hat or blue, to focus on issues, not parties, and find candidates who actually have a program for our country, not empty political platitudes.

MISS (from Howell): Rebane, Hren, and Hood using the “Hits and Misses” section to campaign for their Republican candidates. If you think that your candidates’ desires to undo everything being done by Democrats deserves our consideration, write a more-appropriate letter to the editor. I’d prefer they leave “Hits and Misses” to the local issues and happenings that deserve our attention.

HIT (from reader Bonny Davis): Other Voices by Terry Boyles 0n 9/23/22 – Thanks for correctly defining the words, “communist”, “fascist”, “far right”, “nationalist”, etc. Hopefully, people will understand correctly what they are calling others!. Also, another Other Voices, “The GOP That Was” which is also very enlightening!

HIT (from reader Doug Miller): Big thanks to the Union and former Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Terry McAteer for the informative response to my request for a rundown on our local school districts and boards (Sept.21, “Schools and the Upcoming Election”, page A7. ) County voters would benefit by clipping and saving for future reference.

HIT (from reader Shanti Emerson): The exemplary life of Queen Elizabeth II, known for her kindness, sense of duty, work ethic, dedication, and ability to unite disparate groups. The universal outpouring of love and grief at her death shows the depth of feelings for this person who devoted her life to harmony and peace. She was preceded by other great women leaders Elizabeth I and Victoria. In this age of extreme polarization in our country, I wish we had someone we all loved and respected who is above politics.

HIT (from Emerson): Constitution Day parade. Fun and reverent of our history. Thanks to Sharon Kennedi for providing most of the costumes from George Washington to Joe Biden. It was a day of appreciation for our Constitution, which seems to be in great trouble today.

HIT (from Emerson): League of Women Voters of Nevada County forums to give voters more information and to give a venue to hear what our candidates believe from their own lips. Thanks for your devotion to democracy.

MISS (from reader Daryl Grigsby): to Joanne Rebane; for her recent HIT proclaiming the end of the pandemic. I read her HIT while I was home recovering from COVID. A few minutes before reading Rebane’s HIT I sent an email to several people who sat with me in a meeting the day before I was aware I could have been contagious. Her piece also called for an end to the social benefits provided to people impacted by the virus. As I read this – my Social Worker wife, who is working to support her elderly father, was unable to earn money for his care since she was ill with COVID. Somehow I miss how that was a HIT.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): to Gov. Newsom’s refusal to do a televised debate. Why does he insist on a radio debate on Sunday during the upcoming primetime sports playoffs? How many people will actually tune in?

HIT (from Rebane): to good news from Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. They welcome new chief medical officer Dr. Tyler Hill and news that the hospital ranks in the top 10% of acute care hospitals for patient safety.


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