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Harvey Bigelsen: Can you be allergic to yourself?

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Harvey Bigelsen

There was an article written by a medical doctor in the Nov. 29 issue that I have to comment on. That article says several things that are the basic philosophies of “modern, scientific,” standard allopathic medicine I’ve been saying for years.

Those philosophies are the basis of what I believe is an Orwellian system that is in control of medicine. I am an M.D. and I discovered years ago that these concepts do not work.

When you go to a doctor, he or she does a history and physical exam and is trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle and most importantly, give a name to the problem the patient has. That in medicine today is what I call “the name of the game is the name.” Once a doctor has a name on it, which is called a diagnosis, that doctor can now look up in a book to see if the patient needs a drug or surgery.

The article that was written was a person asking what treatment options does she have? One of the first things the doctor says is that disease is also known as CIDP. For the doctor to use those letters, it’s as if everyone should know what those letters mean, such as MS, ALS, etc. I find that very flippant. He then recommends immunosuppressive therapies. The body’s immune system is there to heal things and this doctor is shutting down the body’s ability to take care of itself.

Frankly, if you go through the history of allopathic medicine in the last century you will find that they have not cured one single chronic disease in 100-plus years. Therefore, what makes them experts if they are failures?

I believe that one of the reasons they have not found a cure for any chronic disease, is because 90 percent of the research is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, and they make money on diseases and not on cures. I look at the physical body very differently than the system does.

The physical body is a car built by God. You need to put good fuel in it, keep it aligned nicely, don’t let it rust in the garage, use it or lose it, etc. I don’t put a name on the problem because I take care of the patient and look at them as an individual and help them as much as the possible.

My history form, physical and my blood work, is looking for what has caused this problem. Once you find the cause, then you can start getting the patient better by treating the blocked area with things such as neural therapy, scar therapy, and very importantly structurally aligning the body. I found that the surgical scar is a blockage and nothing gets through it, and everything is backed up. Surgery is one of the most damaging injuries to the body can have. However, there are many surgeries that are necessary. I was a trauma surgeon in Vietnam, so I’m not against that, however things such as plastic surgery are barbaric.

I tell women that if a doctor tells you that you don’t need your uterus after the age of 50, you should get a hysterectomy to prevent cancer, then she should tell him that he should have his testicles removed and he will not get prostate cancer. I also believe in the philosophy that, the higher you climb, the thinner the air, the less people making the climb, the less laws there are, and the simpler it is.

Another thing, the concept of auto-immune is ridiculous and it is amazing how many people believe they have it because their doctor told them. Auto-immune means the body is turning against you. If God created your body for your spirit or your life force to live in, why would he make you allergic to it? Also, if you believe in the theory of evolution, only the strongest beings would have survived. The only reason there are things that are called auto-immune diseases is because if the doctor cannot figure out why you are having problems, then it must be your fault and not his.

Some of you may know that I have been looking at a drop of live blood using a darkfield microscope for 30-plus years now. There are things in the living blood that there is no name for in American literature because I am only the third physician in United States history to take a drop of live blood and look at it. Modern “scientific” medicine stains the blood, which kills it, so they can look at it a year from now. Looking at the live blood is, very, very important!

Finally, there is no such thing as “side” effects as they are really “direct” effects. If you take something, it will happen!

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D. lives in Auburn.

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