Greg Martin: No call to question election |

Greg Martin: No call to question election

I read your column Jan. 14, Terry McLaughlin. Sorry, but you are part of the problem. Here’s why. The only people who have “concerns and mistrust in the integrity of our elections” are Trump and his sycophants, including some in Congress and apparently you, too, who won’t accept the results of a free and fair election.

Not one state, not any state government election official, agrees with you, and all have said it was free and fair. Multiple recounts, some in the same state, found no evidence of fraud. Period. The facts and the truth do matter, Terry.

Remember Chris Krebs, the U.S. official in charge of elections and cybersecurity, whom Trump abruptly fired after he said it was a most safe and secure election? You are parroting misinformation and contributing to misunderstanding, division and even sedition. You are part of the problem. Look in the mirror and try to think critically for yourself. Try to be objective.

Then, with more illogical reasoning, you attempt to conflate largely peaceful protests countrywide over police brutality and too many shootings and killings of unarmed innocent, non-threatening Black men with armed Trump supporters/militants intent on attacking the Capitol, intent on wreaking destruction and intent on kidnapping politicians. Really? That’s how you see it? And these Trump insurrectionists planned to do violence in broad daylight. These are equal in your mind?

Sadly, you are part of the problem. Yes, admittedly, for the BLM/police protests there were a few limited violent instances, largely at night instigated by a few on both left and right. Comparatively small groups of extremists versus the few thousand who stormed the Capitol.

Motive and intent, Terry. You seem unable to fairly contrast the two different intentions and motives of these “protest groups.”

Recall the shooting at these BLM protests — the young white (racist) kid who brought an assault rifle and shot three peaceful protesters at random? Trump seditionists were intent on creating fear, terror and a coup, a big difference to most who can think critically and understand and accept actual facts and the truth.

You are not among us. You are part of the problem. Sorry to see The Union continue to provide you with a platform for poor reasoning, lies, divisiveness and plain ignorance of the facts.

Greg Martin lives in Nevada City.

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