Greg Marshall: Fascist takes hold of America |

Greg Marshall: Fascist takes hold of America


In the late 1930s, a notorious politician named Huey Long and a number of authors were all credited with statements along the lines of “When America turns fascist, it will be in the guise of anti-fascism.”

I submit we have begun the march down that path. Over the past four years, mainstream media, both print and TV with a couple of exceptions, have abandoned unbiased reporting and turned into propaganda arms of the left.

Even more concerning is a handful of ultra-elite billionaires that control Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter running a private-enterprise “Orwellian Ministry of Truth” committed to the suppression of thought and speech.

So far that suppression has been limited to conservative content, but it’s easy to see this expanding to include moderate left content that does not conform to the far left train of thought.

Speaking of Orwellian: In George Orwell’s novel “1984,” the government-run Ministry of Truth’s mission is to stamp out all speakers, publications and even art forms not in full accord with the pronouncements of Big Brother. Burn books, topple statues and rewrite history so history shows Big Brother has always been correct and never wrong.

Sound familiar? The Black Lives Matter, far left anarchists, the “woke” and “cancel culture” crowds, revisionists and other left wing groups are bringing that fictional portrayal of America into non-fiction reality.

Widespread riots, looting and arson in major cities, toppling of historical statues, renaming of schools, buildings and military bases and rewriting text books to conform to the left wing revisionist’s vision of “proper” history and denial of speakers on college campuses who might question the left’s ideology are only a few examples of the move to a totalitarian Big Brother-type regime with the left in total control.

Sounds a bit like Germany in the 1930s. For the past four years the Dem legislators in both houses have totally abdicated their responsibility to the American people in their psychotic obsession to damage and remove the former president. They, with help from a biased and corrupt media, used every slimy, sleazy, underhanded and often illegal tactic to attack and undermine the former president. The left accused the former president of being a fascist, among other things, while they used the very tactics employed by fascists to pursue their goals.

Without getting into my personal opinion on the election, the Dems got their wish and we have started down the perilous path to totalitarianism. There are already calls to identify and investigate domestic terrorists and the necessity to “deprogram” Trump cultists.

Wow, I thought that sort of stuff was only a possibility in Communist China, not the U.S. Big Brother is here, folks, and wants to control every aspect of what you say, do, think and see. You’ll be fine as long as you conform strictly to the mandated ideology of the left but “Katie bar the door” if you deviate from the acceptable path.

This trend should concern every American no matter your politics. I am 75 years old and can hold my nose for the next 10 to 15 years, or however long I have left, to avoid the stink of the fatal decay that has begun to permeate our society.

More importantly, I feel sorry for our kids and grandkids who, unless something miraculous happens and I don’t see anyone or anything on the horizon giving me any hint for optimism, are doomed to watch the steady deterioration and eventual demise of a 250-year success story, the democratic republic of the United States. I hope for their sake I’m wrong.

Greg Marshall lives in Penn Valley.

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