Glen Hungerbuhler: Shouldn’t we back a Green candidate? |

Glen Hungerbuhler: Shouldn’t we back a Green candidate?

Well, me and my gal went to the fair Sunday. We walked around and took it all in. When we happened upon a politically biased booth or tent we had our fun playing devil’s advocate.

At the red tent, they said, “We’re fighting Newsom!” Kind of short on substance. At the NID booth, we asked, “If I am already flushing the toilet with drained spaghetti water, how can I cut back another 20%?” The NID rank and file are not responsible for the things NID management says, so we did not push on those folks too hard. They are employees, not policy makers.

Then we happened upon a blue tent. We led off with a query, “In a nearby district there is a Democratic Congress critter who routinely gets 85% of the vote in their district, but they take money from Chevron and Google. They also are endorsed by the Sierra Club every other year. How can Chevron, the Democrats, the Sierra Club and Google fit in the same bed?”

Some neutral “Well, you know-isms” ensued.

Then we made some lighthearted Doug LaMalfa jokes and our attention was diverted to The Man Who Will Challenge LaMalfa.

Then we asked, given climate change and the beauty of our area, shouldn’t we back a Green candidate?

This Man Who Will Challenge LaMalfa went full on ballistic. He accused us of ruining Gore’s chance in 2000. Unmasked, he got less than 12 inches from my gal’s face and jabbed his finger at her in his pique. I reminded him that as Californians, we had no say in 2000. Gore carried California regardless of our votes.

I reminded him that had had Gore carried his home state, he would have won in 2000. Gore Jr.’s father was a Tennessee senator for decades and passed the seat to his son (who was also the Tennessee senator for a long time).

This Man Who Will Challenge LaMalfa continued to rave and rant at us about being “purists” and at one point said, “You’re lucky I am holding an ice cream right now!” Like, if he did not have ice cream in his hand he would hit a woman? In his rant he also said, “I only care about getting elected.” I need him to care about more than that, don’t you?

I am as anti-Doug as can be, but I cannot support such a raving lunatic. My friends, let us send a Green or Peace and Freedom candidate to fight The Doug. It would make our district a standout. A wild West kind of thing, if you will.

Those Democrats take the same corporate money as the Republicans. To pretend there is a difference is pretending. If you think a Democrat or Republican gives more than one hoot about this area, I promise not to mention Santa and the tooth person.

I am not a mean person. I won’t smash your illusions. In fact, I keep my dentures under my pillow in hopes to wake up to a nest egg. Also, he had tan shoes.

Glen Hungerbuhler lives in Grass Valley.

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