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George Rebane: Where exactly are we headed?

George Rebane | Other Voices

I was halfway heartened to read left-leaning neighbor Elliot Schneiderman’s “Path to unity in America” response to my “Farewell Unity” column. It appears both of us support a future America that is persistently hailed by our Right and seldom if ever described by our Left.

Elliot takes exception to the neo-Marxist future that I describe, and the one to which the current administration and the Democrat leadership publicly subscribe. These disparate visions of America are well documented by the commentariats of both sides.

Elliot writes: “George quite wrongly states that ’our neighbors on the left work feverishly for’ this Marxist global government worldview. I’m on our country’s left and will have none of it. I don’t personally know a single American that would ascribe to it, and I am convinced that the vast majority of our country’s left do not ascribe to it.”

This remarkable view from the Left is easily explained by the recorded half-century decline of our progressive schools that have assiduously omitted any mention of such historic realities. And it is easily confirmed through conversations with a sampling of your left-leaning neighbors, especially the ones cited by Elliot.

Moreover, this interpretation of the Left’s worldview also ignores what prominent left-wing organizations and Democrat politicians constantly and proudly spout in the public forum: BLM, Antifa, …, and declared socialists like Sanders, Warren, AOC, Tlaib … backing public policies like the Green New Deal and Critical Race Theory indoctrination in schools, government, and corporatist institutions.

Every proposal, policy, and executive order from Biden’s administration is seen by at least half of us as leading to an ideological monopoly and a “fundamentally transformed” America, of which most of us want no part.

Apparently, Elliot neither understands nor can identify the nature of the road that leads to collectivist authoritarianism. Every policy he supports and votes for further weakens our current open-market capitalistic social order based on the Constitution bequeathed by our founders. Those same policies have one common denominator: increasing the regulatory and tax burdens on the productive middle class while steadily ratcheting down our individual liberties. The direction of such roads to an inevitable leviathan state is well-known and long established.

And yet it is remarkable that Elliot and his neighbors on the left appear totally blind to the course our country is embarked on.

In his words, “Marxism is an extreme view held by the fringe far left.” However, the size of this fringe is considerable when one includes the stated and implemented policies of academe, entertainment, mainstream news, and well-funded left-wing institutions. It can only be characterized as “fringe” under the program of recently minted semantics that today decorate all communications of a left-wing provenance.

In these missives the Left has redefined previously understood and disparate terms such as “racist,” “infrastructure,” “husband,” “wife,” “equity,” “investment,” “assault rifle” …. The growth of this newspeak is endless.

Among the majority of Democrats and the nation’s lightly read, the usage of these terms is the new norm in our daily diet of news and commentary. As observed in The Federalist, “Words can now literally be defined with their antonym. We are a hair’s width and an ounce of stupidity away from ’war is peace, freedom is slavery.’”

What our Elliots seem to miss in its entirety is today’s long laundry list of Democrat initiatives intended for authoritarian Marxism. These range from demolishing our existing electorate by importing hundreds of thousands of illegal and unskilled aliens destined for grateful and politically compliant citizenship, to actively abolishing First Amendment rights on college campuses, in civil service, the media, and corporatist workplaces for anyone who does not hew to the progressive narrative. And to that add nationalizing loose election laws and partisan packing of the Supreme Court.

California is the poster child of what Elliot and his blindered left-leaning neighbors have done over the years to the world’s prime real estate. Where we were first in so many fields of human endeavor and enterprise, we are now solidly in the ranks of states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois leading the country’s race to the bottom. California’s wealth creators are leaving in droves, to be replaced by the nation’s largest exploding cohort of transfer payment recipients.

To discover common ground that can return us to unity, I invite the good-hearted Elliots of the land to take a much closer look at the road they are now busy building. It does not lead in the direction that Elliot and his like-minded neighbors think it does.

George Rebane is a retired systems scientist living in Nevada County.


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